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  1. SMP1Mall located at /v 1112 on SMP1

    Thread will be updated with prices, updates and news!
  2. All prices at /v 1110 Temple of the Jade Serpent have been lowered by a minimum of 250r and a maximum of 750r
    Enjoy these lowered prices.
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  3. The Galeries La Fayette - 18888 - Under Construction project has been cancelled
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  4. Why?
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  5. A few pictures of the SMP1Mall under renovation.

    2014-04-17_15.57.28.png 2014-04-17_15.57.32.png 2014-04-17_15.57.41.png 2014-04-17_15.58.03.png
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  6. The SMP1 /v 1112 project has changed name to Galeria Lafayette!
    I am also happy to announce, that we are preparing finals steps before opening, we may open TODAY already.
    I plan to do a huge drop party as i open this, stay tuned for that - We're talking diamonds... LOADS of diamond :)
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  7. Is this on EMC shops and attractions yet?
    Can't wait for smp5
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  8. The Galeria Layfatette SMP1Mall has been opened, tell your friends ;)
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  9. Galeria Lafayette /v 1112 has been under a minor renovation today.
    Prices have been dropped and raised, stock has been filled, the desire and spirit of running a mall has been regained!
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  10. Shop Owner doesn't have enough rupees. ):
  11. Are you still hiring floor managers ?
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  12. You are welcome to send an apply :)
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  13. I have.
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  14. Promotion/Rare Item Store now open at /v 1112 promo!
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  15. Much yes! Very appreciate! Such promo!
  16. May the /v 1112 mall rest in piece.

    It has been shut down, I am focusing on other things than stocking a mall. Thanks for all the business we've made :)!
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  17. Galeries Lafayette has re-opened!
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  18. \(o3o)/
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  19. Finished major price adjustments and restocking on the following floors on /v 1112.
    • Light Blue Floor.
    • Red Floor.
    • Blue Floor.
    • Orange Floor.
    • Yellow Floor.
    • Pink Floor.
    • Lime Floor.
    • Magenta Floor.
    • Purple Floor.
    • Green Floor.
    • Black Floor.
    • Cyan Floor.
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  20. The Galeria Lafayette #1112 mall is being re-opened TOMORROW!

    Stay tuned for further information.
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