Galant's Objectives

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  1. Hello, all.

    I am starting EMC from scratch. However, I am doing this with a catch.


    • I am not allowed to purchase items with rupees I already have.
      • This means that I can only buy items with rupees that I obtain from donations or from a shop.
      • Therefore, if a player donates 100r, I am allowed to go out and spend 100r.
      • If two players give me 1oor, then I have 200r to spend.
      • Edit: I am allowed to buy items as long as I pay it off with donation money or if I wait to use the purchased item until after I complete my objectives.
      • I am allowed to spend money on /mail.
      • I am allowed to spend money on /vault.
    • I am not allowed to ask for donations in any other way than having a player read this.
    • I can obtain items from the wastelands.
    • I can obtain items through Trade. (<---- Click It!)
    Notice: These rules will be revoked after Galant's Objectives are completed. (More may be added to this list.)
    Galant's Objectives

    • Create A Farm
      • I must have three types of farms: Wheat, Potato, Carrot
      • Each farm has to be 5x4, or with 20 blocks for each crop.
      • I must have at least three of each animal: Cows, Chickens, Sheep, and Pigs
      • I have to grow at least two: Melons, Pumpkins
      • Grow at least one stack of Sugarcane
    • The Stone Age
      • Collect a SC of Cobblestone
      • Collect a SC of Stone
      • Collect a SC of Stone Brick
    • The Iron Age
      • Craft: Iron> Sword, Pickaxe, Spade, Axe
      • Craft: Iron> Armour (Full Set)
    • My Precious
      • Collect two Diamonds
      • Craft: Diamond> Sword
      • Collect at least two Gold Blocks
    • Transportation
      • Get a Horse
      • Get a saddle for it
      • Armour is optional
    Thanks for taking the time to read this, it took a while to come up with it all.
    Please don't get angry if I tweak rules or objectives, as I am just starting this out.
    Visit 12037 on SMP6 to see my progress.

    (Special thanks to Erektus for the picture. [Awesome work, 11/10])
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  2. Completed
    All done... :(
  3. Good luck man, if theres anything I can help with let me know.
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  4. Thanks! You currently cannot access EMC, can you?
  5. A few alts as well as good connections with a few members :D
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  6. Ok. Anyway, I am in great need of Coal, Dark Oak Saplings, and Water/Lava Buckets. I can just borrow the Buckets, but everything else I will trade to keep. If you want to trade, can we bring it to this thread?
  7. Sure, come over to SMP8 at /v Erektus.
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  8. Thanks.
  9. Anytime.
  10. This sounds fun. I might have to do something like this some day =P
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  11. Yeah, it's been fun so far. I may add a lot more Objectives, as to continue the challenge.
  12. I just added the "Completed" section, and well, I completed a section. Yay me.
  13. Well, I have completed my tasks. Thanks for the support.