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  1. Hi all,

    My friend has recently started a new blog. He would really appreciate it if you could check it out! It has various tech reviews, good apps, music and games! Check it out at

    Thank you,
    Sam :)
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  2. Bump! The website is up and running now. Enjoy :)
  3. Pretty cool!
    I clicked the link to the 'sam on ps4' and was expecting to see sam sitting on a ps4. :p
    Looks good, getting the content should be fun!
  4. Ha ha yeah I'm working on completely re-coding the HTML framework from scratch to make it more fluent. Should be adding user profiles and a portal soon.
  5. Yeah so check it out!
  6. Super Laggy.
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  7. What is?
  8. The website. It takes a whille to scroll and it's like "forcing" me to share stuff. It won't be much laggy if you put the background as one picture not a slideshow.
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  9. Well it's fine for me and anyone else. It's a social website so we want everyone to be connected but you can press x on everything so you don't have to share :)
  10. it is really laggy with the scrolling.
  11. Ok I'll fix it. Probably works for me as I have a gaming pc.
  12. that might not be the case. both kyle and I are in Canada, it could be a server-side issue.
  13. It's hosted in the US. What browser are you using?
  14. Chrome
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  15. Ok try making sure all plugins are updated.
  16. I just updated chrome yesterday and I don't have any extensions.
  17. Ok we have fixed the background.