Gadget's And Carol's Wood Buissness!

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  1. Hey EMC,
    Im here today to tell you about the new service/supply wood buissness Myself and Carolmoss have set up...
    Well Me and Carol do all types of logs and planks so if you need any just make a Pm and include Myself and Carolmoss in it and we can talk there.
    When you make the Pm include this information:

    IGN: Your in game name. Example Gadget_AD
    Logs/Planks: Which Ever you need or both.
    Amount: Tell us the amount of each thing you need.
    Price: Give us a price you would be happy to pay for the amount you need.

    Then Myself or Carol will reply to you as soon as possible.

    ~Gadget ~Carol

    Thanks! :)

    UPDATE: We now sell all wood most wood items like chests doors ect, so if you need some place an order today!
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  2. How do you get the wood?
  3. I would expect that they get it from trees.... :p
  4. I meant if they got a tree farm somewhere, or got it from waste or something. But thanks for respondingXD
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  5. Me and Carol chop it all my hand for machines take too much bonemeal. But we have a couple of res's covered in trees so it dosent take long to fulfil orders...
  6. do you do saplings or leaves
  7. Yep we sure do just place an order. Btw me and carolmoss are online on Smp9 if you need us.
  8. So anyone intrested in some wood? :)
  9. not atm, but don't close, i might need it later
  10. Ok
  11. IGN: Your in game name. Ninjaboy5656
    Logs/Planks: Logs (doesn't matter what kind)
    Amount: A double chest (54 stacks)
    Price: I was thinking maybe 5k? I'm flexible.
  12. Ok Sir could you do 6k?
  13. Yeah sure. :)
  14. Ok great! Me and Carol are on right now so we will start on your order right away! :)
    By the way Pay me whenever suits you. Btw pay myself
  15. I remember when I had a business like this when I first joined. I hope the best for you guys.
  16. Thanks alot :)
  17. Bump before I go to sleep...Zzzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzzz
  18. Loads of wood in stock. Order now for next day delievery! :)
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