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  1. hello other shop owners,
    beware of sell-back signs, i have just went from 12,000+ to 7 rupees from my stupidity. someone just sold me 5 stacks of pig eggs for 25r a pop and im poor. this is just a precaution, and i want the community to know!

    unfortunately, I will not be reimbersed, and you probably won't either (unless you have REALLY nice friends) so...

  2. This is a draw back to having a huge shop, but nobodys fault. I made sure i made a LARGE amount of money before becoming a full buy/sell shop. When i first opened my new shop, i went from 200k to 20k in two days. I freaked out for a bit but soon recovered. You just have to know when and what to trade. Now, i can trade at only 1r profit per item.
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  3. You can also limit how much is in stock by having a large stock of items, or just limiting stacks with dirt!
    And how much do u sel pig eggs for?!?! 25r to SELL????
    I sell them for 5r ea!!!
  4. yes indeed, this is a thing to watch out for. I check, double check, and RE check my signs to make sure I am happy with their amounts and then ask myself, could someone use this to make a problem for me... is having a full chest of these a problem? Will I go broke? Will I be able to sell a full chest and make a profit and how long will it take to sell it all and make my investment back. You should always consider these when making a sale chest. If the answer is yes, this could be used to cause me a problem, then fill the chest with dirt so that you can only buy a few stacks or a specific amount... then you can avoid this in the future!
  5. especially blaze rods...At the moment people rave abuot them, yet Belugh has full chests of them and they don't go anywhere...I wish there was a way to sell stuff really really cheap to non-players...but i still like the idea of selling stuff cheap at shops :)
    • It is noted that there will be a trading system between the players and Villagers. Also there is a file called trade in the Minecraft.jar.
    • Mojang also mentioned that they are currently focusing on Villagers and their textures.
  6. At the moment I have about 20 stacks of diamonds sitting in a capped double chest, I love people selling bulk to me. :)
  7. Ironically this just happened to me right now, but I was in danger of it anways because I was really low on rupees.... but its still not a big deal, ill just resell what I bought at a just about what I bought it for and get my money back plus some...;) Sadly, I cant buy much until then... so my customers might be unhappy...
  8. I'm sure we may not add this into the EMC system or at least without heavily modifying it. One of the reasons for an ingame successful economy is major rupee drains. This is why we have things in the wild that cost large amounts (locks/eggify/etc.) and why we dont have it so you can sell unlimited items to the shop for rupees.
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  9. Well, your name is TheTruffleHunter and you were buying pig eggs... Just sayin'.
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  10. true, but next time, please report sign flaws, not abuse them. :)
  11. You took the time to make the sign, so why didn't you have time to check if it's right? This is a rookie economic mistake made by many, learned upon by few.
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  12. Same happened to me. When i was a normal player (non-supporter) i had a huge market.. i had sell diamonds for 60r (that was price at the time) i went from 43k to 100r in seconds. Literally seconds.
  13. i shopped around and thought this was a good price. obviously, i didnt go to crickdawg's shop XD
  14. As a side note, let's talk capital.

    Not only do you need a good amount of stock for a decent shop, but you need rupees as well. You must have enough rupees to be able to pay for all the slots available in your chests that are not filled with your stock. On top of that, you need spending money for yourself.

    So say you have a dirt chest with 54 slots. You have 40 stacks. You have to have enough rupees to buy 14 more stacks, and still have money leftover.
  15. I'm curious though, this possible addition by mojang in future updates to be able to trade with npc villagers, is it only a addition to smps economy servers or the entire game as a whole? I only asking because if this feature is added to MC as a whole, there are no "rupees" or currency of any kind in single player, so I would assume the sp trade feature would be items traded for other items, right? I don't know a whole lot about the info on this possible feature, so ICC, can u clarify?
  16. I commented here too