[Future Price Check] Prismarine Stuff & Sea Lamps

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South wat r u talking about?

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  1. So if you played a lot of 1.8 by now and are familiar with where you can get the newer materials/blocks. Since you can only get Prismarine type blocks and Sea Lanterns from Underwater Temples. What will the worth of such a block be since it can only be gathered from one type of place (Not saying there is only 1 temple out there). If someone can come up with a price, that could be great so I can start planning my budget for another build c: Thx
  2. The prices will have to come 'naturally' depending on what people start at. Also, depending on supply and demand, if everyone wants the new items but only one person is selling them then the price will be high, you just have to time it right.

    I personally have no clue what the prices could be as the new items could be super easy to get hold of.
  3. I think it depends on how many people venture out to find the new blocks and if they have any competition for prices. Once somebody begins selling at a certain price that is reasonable it will force other prices down a little but it mostly depends on the suppliers and how rare the ocean temples are to find. It might be a little early to begin speculating but this is just my thoughts and do not have a definite price, sorry. My thoughts would be fairly expensive as they are not so easy to come by - maybe 50r a block? The prices will plummet after guardian 'farms' are set up though as i think they drop shards (correct me if I'm wrong ) :)
  4. I believe it should be the amount Mossy Cobble was, 25r, but higher. The temples should spawn in the deep oceans in the "older" worlds that have already generated chunks.