[Future Event] Maze Madness

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  1. Maze Madness

    First of its Kind!

    Maze Madness will be released in the future when 2 Major Updates comes out (Empires and Land Claims), as the event is built in the wild due to the size of it.

    This event will be hosted Either Every 2 or 3 Weeks and this will allow us to have time to go in and change the layout for each event.

    What is Maze Madness?

    Maze Madness is a Giant Maze Located in the wild, (Will be able to TP there After the 2 updates). The event will be held inside a Maze and Will be first one to the finish, will receive the prizes. Due to its size, there will be one round, as it can take from 30 mins to hours to complete depending on how well you are with mazes.

    What Makes this Maze Different?

    What Makes it different you say? Well there are many different things in this maze, but Why Should I say now? Why not find out in the Maze... Hope you dont loose your mind in it! :D

    When Will this event Arrive?

    We are unsure of when this event will be finished and opened to everyone, But we hope to get it done and open for everyone as soon as we can, but not rush it at the same time. Even if we finish it next week, we would still have to wait for Empires and Land Claims to be able to get there.

    What Flags will be Removed?

    There will be No Build, and No Ender Pearl Flags.
    We are also unsure about how Mobs will work within the Maze.

    Founders of the Event.
    Founder - finch_rocks_1
    C0-Founder - MasterMockery

    If you would like to apply to be a builder please send a PM with me and MasterMockery included.
    But Please Note that Builders are not able to attend the event as they know the info about the event. Also they are not allowed to share or talk to anyone about the event outside of the founders.

    As this event is still in Dev Stages we are currently looking for players to donate items.

    We are currently looking for;
    -Stone Brick
    -Mossy Stone Brick
    -Crack Stone Brick

    If you have any idea's that could be used in the event, Please send us a PM and we will go from there.

    Feel free to talk about the event in the comments.
  2. I can't wait to get lost within a hopefully difficult maze to maneuver around full of traps that send you back to the beginning or perhaps another maze in which you have to escape from a hoard of zombies or simply just a dark and creepy path before getting back to the main Maze to win the prize.
  3. Sounds epically skeletastic but cleverly evil :p
  4. Sounds awesome! Bribe the senior staff to summon marlix and momentus. That's a real death maze...