Future auctions and shulker boxes

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  1. So I've been wondering how shulker boxes may be used in auctions when they come out. Currently if we want to auction something in bulk we must have a full double chest(s) of that item if it isn't enchanted. Would we carry this rule over to the shulker box and make it so that you could only auction one if it was full of a single item. This would only be a single chest of items though. Or would we have to fill a double chest with shulker boxes full of a certain type of item? What about a double chest filled with shulker boxes but each box was full of it's own items? I'm curious what others think about this and any ideas that others may have.
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  2. I imagine you'd be able to auction empty ones in groups of 54.
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  3. Well, sometimes staff makes (small) exceptions to some of the rules.

    Personally I don't think shulker boxes are a reason to change the rules at all. You sell in DC quantities and that's that. Of course you could decide to send 2 shulker boxes full of stuff (which makes up one DC) but yah... it would go at the cost of 2 boxes ;)

    I definitely agree with Cow up there btw., considering how boxes don't stack I guess it would make sense to auction those in 54 amount quantities. Depending on how rare things are going to be (a shulker shell is a rare drop afterall).

    In a way comparable to an Elytra I guess. Enchanted you can auction them in any quantity but if you have unenchanted ones you don't have to fill up a whole DC (sorry, too lazy to look up the exact amount right now) :)
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