Furnaces not working?

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  1. use blaze rods, not one problem with them :)
  2. They're more expensive.
    How many Things do they cook?
  3. 12
  4. TONS of stuff isnt working and i blame the servers not 1.3
  5. And the servers blame 1.3. Now how does that work? :confused:
  6. The server will stop lagging in a week-give it time.:D Untill then...POINTLESS MEME'S!!!!
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  7. Please start a new thread for that.
  8. The update to 1.3.1 has increased lag and crashes, and might have broken furnaces.
  9. Furnaces work fine in the wild and only in the wild
  10. Smelted several hundred Stone over the past few days. Tried to smelt some Iron this morning and none of the forges will respond. SMP8
  11. Blaze rods cook 12 items, coal 8, lava around 100