Funny TV Moments

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  1. Share your favorite TV moments, it can be from any show.


    Here is the first one I will post, kind of some dark humor....

    Share yours below, I would love to watch them!
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  2. I saw a commercial last year that said not to trust ObamaCare or something...I can't find it now :p
  3. Can I post a video that is off the radio?
  4. Sure

  5. For those who don't understand. This is a radio competition. The person has to answer what the question is, as the answer is Sunday.
  6. Hahaha! The second video made me laugh so hard!
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  7. I would love to share more south park clips because they are all funny... sadly this needs to be kept PG. :p
    #Bad Quality
    This clip contains some language but nothing vulgar.