'Functional' Arcology

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Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other side. 4 vote(s) 22.2%
SPLAT! 14 vote(s) 77.8%
  1. As we know the zombie apocalypses is, inevitable. Fortunately for you a new building as opened up on 4150 (smp2). As the title states it is an Arcology, a place to go to when the zombie horde strikes.


    With many rooms for you to explore this is truly astounding. With a 'thriving' town center, library, museum of empire promos (not complete) this is the perfect place to retreat to.

    2014-08-20_19.08.07.png 2014-08-20_19.08.34.png 2014-08-20_19.08.55.png 2014-08-20_19.10.00.png 2014-08-20_19.09.31.png 2014-08-20_19.10.49.png

    The Arcology provides for years of sustainable living, with its own tree farms, food farms, water supplies and livestock, there is never a time when there is no food.

    2014-08-20_19.11.17.png 2014-08-20_19.11.32.png 2014-08-20_19.19.26.png 2014-08-20_20.07.03.png 2014-08-20_20.07.20.png

    Soon to come is the Promenade level, a place to hang out, with shops and a food court you will never find a moment of free time.

    2014-08-20_19.07.24.png 2014-08-20_19.19.53.png 2014-08-20_19.20.13.png 2014-08-20_20.21.39.png

    Rooms are running out fast, so come quick and talk to me (Usb25) about getting a room for the low cost of nothing, thats right NOTHING!
  2. Wow. Can i get the biggest and highest room?
  3. I want the smallest and lowest =P
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  4. That looks epic, and must've taken a while to build!
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  5. Here is your room Ark_Warrior, I hope you like it......
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  7. Can you guarantee that the zombies won't be able to get in?
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  8. I would adjust the doors, so that the Zombies can't break them. Lol
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  9. Nice, would you mind if I built something like this Arcology out in the far wild?
    (Then it can have a purpose:p)
  10. Yes zombies can not get in, you 'will be' 'completely' safe within the walls of the Arcology.

    I don't mind if you build, but good luck trying with all of the stone bricks and fall damage... (I 'counted' the stone bricks btw there are something like 26000, not including stairs and half slabs)
  11. I LOVE the look! make this in wild, I would spend so much time on smp2 *says the smp6 player*
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  12. Don't worry, I have SO much stone:p
  13. kitten, what server do you play on? because I would like to help you build this in the wild. I've got another project going on my res but will be looking for something to do after that.
  14. SMP9.
    I'll probably build it over 5k from spawn, so we can establish it.
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  15. I'm on smp2! ;o Omg can I have a room? The idea of being eaten by zombies somehow does not appeal to me xD
  16. how do i get to my room :p
  17. You can come to the res, I will give you a tour and you can choose a room.

    Same as with CaziCookie, come to the res.

    Only 4 more hours of free room giveaways, (I forgot to mention that, yeah.... the free rooms is only for the first day. After that you will need to visit the res and I will make a decision on weather you will get a room.)

    Also, Usb25 wont be there to greet you, it will be USBCam, as Usb25 is in the wild.
  18. Oh I'll take a free room.

    Nice view, near the top?
    Purposely built to be a house?
    (I don't want a Cleaning Room:p)
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  19. No problem, just stop by one time when either Usb25 or USBCam is on and we will arrange something.
  20. Getting free rooms have now closed, those who have already commented will still get their room if they haven't already. The criteria for getting a room will be added later (when I figure out what it should be). But you are still very much welcome to come and stop by to check out The Arcology.

    Also added a new tag, to visit just type /v +Arcology (on smp2)
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