Fun with The Cowmaster

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JackBiggin, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. What happens when you put together a Cow, Disguisecraft and creative mode...

    2013-02-05_22.11.35.png 2013-02-05_22.13.15.png 2013-02-05_22.15.43.png 2013-02-05_22.15.51.png 2013-02-05_22.19.38.png 2013-02-05_22.21.40.png
    Remind you of a popular children's book? 2013-02-05_22.29.18.png 2013-02-05_22.41.51.png
  2. Dat Cow xD
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  3. I'm guessing you have some sort of macro-mod chat filter setup that makes commands go to the top of the screen? :p I like it.

    I actually lol'd when I seen that flying sheep.
  4. Bit more fancy than that, but pretty much. :)
  5. Tell me...
    in a PM :p Or, you could make the EMC Wiki admin pack with this in? :D
  6. someone said to you to make a alt named IcecreamCattle... I wonder who thought that up
  7. I dont know why i thought this, but i have a hunch it was Jeanzl2000 who thought of that.
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  8. Then this lead to that.
  9. no it was me -_-
  10. I got dibs on IceCreamCrow ;)