Fun With Heads

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by zervados, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Take some pictures having to do with the new heads.

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  2. So pretty
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  3. Wait? What? HEADS?!?
  4. First person to re-enact Hamlet with a head wins the internet.
  5. If you die, you get your head, but its like rare... its pretty much like getting a wither skull, but from you
  6. I MUST have a Nick head just to creep people with XD
  7. Oh, good, I read the title and got a little creeped out...
  8. so when you die, where does this head go? does it just get auto-added into your inventory after you respawn or what?
  9. It drops with your items.
  10. I need a nick head.

    Then sneak into people's wild outpost's when they're in a bed, and say "Go to sleep"
  11. so that kind of sucks... that means you have to go back to where you died and see if something is there? you don't have to have items do you?
  12. You don't need items with you when you die, it acts as if you had the head in your inventory, you need to go back to the place you died and see if you dropped it. A few people have made head farms where you put a bed next to a deep hole and die in the hole, re spawn, repeat, and get their heads after a few drops.
  13. that's a good idea, i think i'll do that
  14. I just got the skull for that last night if you really want to see that monologue.
  15. Challenge (wait for it) accepted! Anyone want to play in a minecraft version of hamlet?