Fun Res Activities

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by WayneKramer, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. If you've stumbled upon a res that has something fun to do on it, something that preferably doesn't take the res owner to run (like an event or something) post it here so we can check it out.

    Examples of this could be parkour courses, mazes, interesting designs that are fun to explore, etc

    I'm a simple man and I find slime block tramps fun and so I'll start by mentioning /v 16097@slime on smp8.

    Now your turn.
  2. I have a few parkour courses at 11217 on smp5. :)
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  3. I have a community event res at 18444 on smp9 with Parkour, a DP place and more

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  4. I might be making a maze later on.. ;)
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  5. You should especially try the blue variant which even has some automation in it ;)

    Assuming of course that one still exists, I haven't visited for a while (which I should).
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  6. I like the red one more
  7. I have a small parkour run on smp1 @2525 I should probably make it longer, don't think its not hard tho ;)
  8. Also if people haven't remembered theres a public pool on smp1 @211, its super cool at his slides and diving boards haha. (Thank you chickeneer)
  9. forgot about that, that is great