Fun photo (real) of Earth. :)

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  1. So, everyone loves least, I hope you all do. :p I figured it'd be cool and interesting to you guys to post a photo. This photo was taking by the satellite known as Voyager One. The photo was taken in 1990 by the satellite. It was very close to the edge of our solar system (And I'm sure the zoom required to get Earth is pretty large). Anyways, this satellite is still will soon (if it hasn't already) leave this solar system that we live in and explore the area of space around our solar system. I figured some people would find this neat... :)

    Pale Blue Dot.png
    Earth is that little blue dot in the beam of light to the right...remember, I'm sure it was zoomed as well. In case people had any idea, that's just a minuscule fraction of what Earth is like compared to just OUR solar system, let alone the entire Universe. :)
  2. I actually watched a documentary the other night about the Voyager project. I can't wait for it to reach interstellar space personally. I find the whole thing exciting and fascinating.

    These are probably my 2 favourite Voyager 1 photos.

    A volcanic eruption on the moon Io of the planet Jupiter. Io is the most geologically active thing in our solar system.

    This image of Saturn was taken by Voyager 1 as it flew away from Saturn and towards Uranus.
  3. That is amazing.
  4. I love the idea of space and everything. I can't wait for it to reach interstellar space's so fascinating how far human's technology has taken us.
  5. I dont havea pic but there is a place in the US called Pants, WY and Shirtz TX

    I think i spelled them right...
  6. Agreed. I have always been a nerd for space lol
  7. Me too! :D It's just the unknown that is really amazing. I love just wondering what's out there, and how so many amazing things can happen on planets that AREN'T Earth. :p
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  8. YES! I also love how beautiful our universe is.
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  9. Yupp. The mystery that even our scientist can't holes, dark matter, etc. It's all so intriguing.
  10. You realise I have to go watch a documentary now lol.
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  11. Sorry about that. :)
  12. You know what's even more fascinating? Look up at the sky at night and look at all the dark areas between the stars you can see. Now, imagine that if you had a super-powerful telescope every one of those dark areas would be filled solid with more lights that would resemble stars, except that those lights wouldn't actually be stars--they would be entire galaxies filled with stars. That gives you some idea of how tiny the entire Milky Way galaxy actually is, and we are but a speck in the Solar System which is but a speck in the Milky Way which is but a speck in the Universe.
  13. Ahh..gotta love space. I absolutely need to buy myself a telescope on day. :D
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  14. As great as that would be, even the most powerful telescopes on Earth as well as the Hubble can only have a small glimpse of the neighboring galaxies. I have used a novice telescope, though, and even with it it's fun to use Google Sky Map on my phone and find various stars.
  15. Yes. I would just like to see planets like Mars and other ones. I know you can see Venus in the night sky, but it isn't very detailed, now is it? ^_^ Yes, I do hope to get a telescope. It is sad and mind-blowing that the Milkyway in its self is too large to see all of, even with the most powerful telescopes. And don't get me started on the Universe in whole. Like the whole thing with the sun being merely a medium sized star compared to others. It's quite amazing to think about. We find the sun to be so large and intimidating, but the Universe reminds me of the sea. That is to say, there are always bigger fish. :)
  16. Sadly, this sort of thinking always takes me to this graph:

    And then I'm reminded of how much further we could have been if we weren't such savages.
  17. *stands in the corner as the guy who is in the military*
  18. I respect what the military does. I just wish we didn't need it. I don't like fighting or unfairness. Just seems wrong. I do respect military soldiers though. I would never be able to what you all do. ;p
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  19. That graph makes me think, "Wow, ISMOOCH sure makes a lot of money! :p"

    Seriously, though, even though it is a shame that we are such savages and that our society accepts that it's okay to bomb people who have resources we want (since they aren't properly using those resources anyway:confused:). Even though our humanity believes it's alright to kill people who are enough different, worship a different myth, live a different lifestyle, or whatever other reason; a lot of that military spending HAS gone to technological research. It's not all spent on bombs, guns, and ammo.
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  20. part a... yeah.. no.

    part b.. thats a great thing to say.. I mean my job alone deals with things in space... I send and receive data from government satellites.. thats my exciting job. But I had to study all the theory of satellites and the different effects of space and what not on them.. its really cool stuff.. but alas.. I will probably never ever get to touch one of those geosynchronous bad boys...
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