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Should I build this

Yes bring on the fun. 11 vote(s) 73.3%
nope i prefer more cacti. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yes can we add cacti to it 3 vote(s) 20.0%
no i dont like cacti 1 vote(s) 6.7%
  1. If i built an entire amusement park would people come. t would have rollercoasters and other fun rides. including a lazy river, water slides, food vendors, Tunnel of love, and if i can fix my redstone design even a feris wheel. I figure it would be a nice break for others from doing hard work and wanting to have fun. and on certain days maybe even carnival games.
  2. It would be really cool to see built!
  3. There used to be one a long time ago (like pretty much the time when I joined) on SMP1 and it was pretty fun. There was a rollercoaster and a few other games and it was reasonably popular. It didn't really make any money nor bring the owner financial success (it was a break-even project IIRC), but it was good fun.

    TLDR: Do it if you want fun, just don't expect overwhelming financial success.
  4. I'd definitely visit from time to time :)
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  5. That would be fun :)
    I'd visit if you made this.

    But, as Haro said, don't expect to make much money of it. Do this only if you have some rupees to spare
  6. Its a great idea. Like to chat with you when i am back in August
  7. Awesome Idea! I want to see what the food vendors look like and how the will work ^>^
  8. Well seeming as alot of people like this idea im gonna designate at least 50 blocks jhigh worth of space on my plot for it. reason for it being on my plot is so no one can grief it. I would hate to build it and the next day someone just took out one peice of redstone and it shuts the whole park down. so tough sketches are being done and will be installed after my auto sorting system as the walls continue to go up around my plot
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  9. Sounds like a good plan. Maybe a tip: set up some kind of donation chest, with a bit of redstone tinkering (hopper) you can easily make it so people can give you items which then immediately get secured.

    If you don't know how drop me a line and I'll be happy to help or provide some help (though re-reading your message makes me somewhat doubt that you'd need it :)).

    True that. However, sorry for a wee bit of advertising, but if you ever find yourself griefed then be sure to keep GRIP in mind as well. We can usually replace stolen items, and we always try to help out with public buildings.
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  10. there is a really cool amusement park on smp7 at lindennz's res. you should check it out if you are looking for ideas. lots of cool things to see and lindennz makes some pretty awesome stuff. her(his?) other res are pretty too :D This is a good idea though, sometimes I swing by just out of boredom.
  11. I was given a you are my wife now fish from a cactus so im sticking with the cactidea (xd)

    On a real note an amisement park would be great i would be happy to donate a little :)
  12. thanks ill leave a donation chest nest to the prize chest for my event on the 24th
  13. Sounds amazing! :) *donates 5k*
  14. it will be on smp5 /v obletop