Full auto slot machine!

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  1. Hey everyone, i just made slot machine at 10235 :) there are 3 prizes: diamond, coocked turkey, and beacon :) 2015-01-05_13.07.34.png 2015-01-05_13.07.45.png 2015-01-05_13.07.52.png
  2. Really cool design.

    I just had to try this out and yeah, it worked. I even won a diamond :)

    What I especially liked is that no matter what you'll always 'win' something (iron ingot). I think that's good, adds up to the fun part. And as for the rest; really cool, like I said :)
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  3. +1 This is amazing. The redstone is so impressive.
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  4. and here it is in action :) 2015-01-05_23.20.30 (2).png
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  5. closed for night since i can't be sure that there is enough prizes for night :D 3 beacons and 5 coocked turkey have been won this far :p
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  6. Yeah lol I won one beacon and hallandr721 won 2 beacons
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  7. This is amazing. :) Thanks so much for creating this! If you haven't tried it yet, do so. :p
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  8. Today i had to add some safety features since apparently people wont read the signs :D because of this the machine is now bit slower.
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  9. I'm very sorry to say but I have changed my opinion. This build is pure evil :D (naaah!).

    SO I have a nice voting streak which gets me some extra rupee's when voting. At the moment I also don't really 'do' rupees (trading, mining, stuff). So what came to mind today? "Hmm, maybe I can have another round at the slot machine..." (and I will!).

    So yah, evil conspiracies again ;)

    Say, feel free to say no (no problem!) but I still wanted to ask: would it be possible to peek at the circuitry you made? Now, I know what I might be asking (dunno your res perms from mind) but still figured I'd ask.

    Which leads up to another idea / suggestion: would it be possible for you to add some "behind the scene" pictures (overview of the circuits or something)? I'm honestly quite curious :)
  10. I thought these were banned and made illegal?
  11. davie.png
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  12. well quick tour is given :) and i can add circuitry pics later :)
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  13. Sorry for another post in a short time span, but this had to be done ;)

    SO, as I mentioned above I voted, got some rupee's and then decided to head over to the slot machine. Time to do some high rolling. And what do you think I saw (much to my surprise)?

    A waiting queue! This is awesome :)

    One player inside, playing, and three of us waiting our turn...

    As you can see we all stand nicely in line. And leave it up to the chatting guy (me) to tell Je55e (who build the whole thing!) to be careful with cutting in line. Oops! :oops: Nah, was all good, but I did feel dumb ;)

    So I also had my share of fun (did one round, noticed that Je55e had dropped the fee so more people could play, so I figured I'd let others play and will come back later. Was also a bit too impatient this time).

    And then I asked Je55e about the option for a quick peek. Guess what; he said yes too!

    Je55e showing daftpunkfan101 and me around the circuitry.

    So if you haven't already.... Now would be a good time to run over to smp5 (the server is usually not too full, even during the Holliday season I could usually still play here) and then use /v 10235, trust me: its fun!

    And now if you'll excuse me... I got a logo to admire :)
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  14. i have restocked the prizes and machine is running again :) for now jackpot is diamond supporter voucher :) other prizes are cooked turkey and beacons :) Happy gambling :)
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  15. i love it
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  16. Also i added small tune :) go check it out :)

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  17. I already lost 10k (but got some cool wins too!) so I am good ;)

    OOoh, turkey drops!

    Yah, I spend too much rupees (watch me no care) and I also got some good stuff back (I do admit I got lucky).

    It's been a while: for whatever its worth (probably not much for now, but give me 2 years *lol*): this build is "ShellIkable" :)

    I really like what you did here, and I'm coming back every once in a while :)
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