[Fulfilled] [Buying] Convert tokens to 150k rupees! Avalaunchers for 150k

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  1. I'm buying any amount of avalaunchers you'd like to sell for 150,000 rupees! That's 150k rupees instantly from just 20,000 tokens, so claim your avalaunchers now or sell me previously purchased ones and don't miss out on the opportunity.

    Simply send them to me via mail and I'll pay as soon as they're received. :)
  2. Oh now this is good :)
  3. I like your idea.
    Everyone values Tokens differently, so I am interested in where the tokes/rupee value goes.
    For me, Tokens are very valuable.
    Nice of you to do this.
  4. he has more than that xDD
  5. Yeah, I haven't seen a price posted anywhere for them so I might have to do some adjusting
  6. As a Staff player ..... isn't this a "Conflict of Interest" ?
  7. Moderators may participate in the economy as players :)
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  8. Awesome. But doesn't your signature say 250,000? :p
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  9. I have the amount I want so I've dropped the price for now :)
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  10. Got a lot, so dropped the price. Bump for the night :)
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  11. Sig and title conflict again, btw :p
  12. I knew I forgot to change something! :p
  13. This only applies to staff with creative/op powers (senior staff and community managers). A moderator or developer can participate in the economy since they are still in standard survival, but since senior + have creative access, they are not allowed to participate in the economy with very few exceptions (such as special events).
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  14. I'll sell you one for 200k :) Tell me when you're online. :D
  15. Mail it :)
  16. done :D
  17. Thanks :) Paid

    Looking to buy one more, then I think that's enough. Sadly it seems 500k was too high, but hey, we had to find out how much they were worth somehow :p
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  18. Ok mailing 1 avalucher now, 200k is good price fo r20k tokens imo :)
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