Frontier Cleanup

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  1. I decided this weekend to do some cleanup around the spawn point in the Frontier on smp8. I did the south end of the main hub. Not all of it, just a much as I could in the time I had. Just cleaned up all the random dirt/blocks spread out everywhere. The buildings there always get griefed so I cleaned those up some.

    I wish players would keep the place a bit cleaner in the Frontier so it doesn't get reset. Having a mess of dirt in the air doesn't do anyone any good.

    If anyone was using any of the 99% griefed buildings in that area and want help rebuilding just find me on smp8 and I can help you do that.

    oh and found a ton of Blizz Ards in the process which was nice
  2. I've been tempted to do the same on SMP6.
  3. It's always great to see a player taking time out of his playtime to help the community. Just so you are aware, I am doing a manual cleanup of the frontier reset area. I am currently on smp3 and you can tell the difference the most on smp2 after I spent a week in my moderation time cleaning up the area. Thanks for helping me out =)
  4. Sounds like a great idea wkramer
    I might be able to help in an hour or two
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  5. It's no problem, I actually enjoyed it. For the most part it's stayed clean after I did it too. I'll keep working on it from time to time as well.
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  6. :) like it wkramer, community service is greatly appreciated. The problem with me is that i'm trying to cut my playing time on all games. :( I'll see what I can do.
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  7. wonder what the chance of having a get together set up to do some of this... like the friday night miners (which i still want to do but haven't) could be a day of the week @ said time a little announcement goes out and all interested meet @ smp (rotational) and do a little clean up. always more fun to work with others... just a thought.

    i dont ever see the area around spawns as i just hop a nether rail (if i ever come back to smp in the first place), but id be willing to come clean up a bit just for something to do
  8. I just walked through the smp8 Frontier area and its safe to say it looks like crap. I would love to help out in making it look better. Name the time and place and Ill see what I can do to help out.
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  9. If you ever want to help with the SMP6 cleanup, let me know. Preferably add a comment to it's thread. :) Any and all help is appreciated! Even if the help is just advice.