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  1. Apologies in advance if this question has been previously addressed.

    I am in the process of starting up a new outpost along with a couple of other EMC members at the extreme fringe of explored frontier area on SMP9. Much of the surrounding terrain is therefore being "discovered" and revealed on Dynmap for the first time. One thing I have noticed are the bizarre chunk transitions which seem to take place between areas already revealed on Dynmap and those heretofore unseen. There are huge, perfectly vertical stretches of land rising up dozens of blocks from ocean level and rectangle shaped "bubbles" under the water where you can momentarily breathe.

    Is there any particular explanation for this? I find it odd that these transition areas line up pretty much perfectly with the revealed areas on Dynmap which I presume is just a reader of the EMC server world and not a terrain modifier.


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  2. its because of the 1.7 update
    the unseen area was updated with the new biomes and such
    thats why you have those huge cliffs :p
    correct me if im wrong :p
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  3. I figured the primary reason was update related but what I don't understand is how an update could be applied selectively to "unseen" areas. Those areas are part of the same world as everywhere else on that particular server and the only reason they are unseen is because nobody has travelled there yet so Dynmap doesn't actively scan them. I believe Aikar has the EMC map set so that it will not show a given chunk until a block has been broken within it.
  4. The chunks weren't generated yet, I think.
    The chunks only get generated if you get near enough to them. The other chunks were already generated pre-1.7, while these chunks were generated in 1.7 That's why there are the rough transitions.
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  5. That would explain it. It's pretty cool to think there's literally millions of blocks worth of ungenerated frontier chunks out there just waiting to be brought into being.
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