From stone to ____?!

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What should the new pyramid be made out of?!

Poll closed Mar 18, 2014.
Nothing, don't make a new pyramid. We have lots!!!! 8 vote(s) 17.8%
Redstone 17 vote(s) 37.8%
Chizeld Sandstone 4 vote(s) 8.9%
Quarts 10 vote(s) 22.2%
None of the above 6 vote(s) 13.3%
  1. I am resetting my stone pyramid! I am tired of looking at the good un-cheap pyramids so I am going to let the Empire vote on what it will be!
  2. None of the above:
    TNT pyramid /or/ a lava pyramid.
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  3. he would then need to hire a diamond supporter if he was going to do a TNT pyramid.
  4. I was thinking of lava XD
  5. Cant you place TnT just not interact with it?
  6. Do lava and water in a checkered pattern, or by layers.

    Nope, but you can pay a diamond member to place TNT down for you.
  7. You cant even place.
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  8. I believe you can place it, just not light it.
    Might be the other way around though ;/
    Oh just saw the post above.
    If you do choose to do a TNT pyramid, I'd be happy to help :D
  9. I am getting my redstone out now! :)
  10. None of the above. It should be made of quartz. Not quarts.

    (Sorry, I had to).
  11. Sneakey little _____!!!!! XD
  12. chiseled not chizeld and quartz not quarts
  13. I know I saw the mess up and good idea! XD
  14. Do Ice!
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  15. Sponge, bedrock, endercrystals, and dragon eggs.
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  16. Why not quarts of lava? Still quarts, eh? :p
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  17. *Sigh* REALLY OLAF
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  19. I say redstone.
    If I get an alt, I'll make a pyramid around smp9 spawn.