From Shell to Krysyy

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  1. Some things are meant to be addressed in public, because one way or the other they impact the whole community. Heck, even if slightly.

    I was going to post this onto Krysyy's profile when the 420 character limit hit me and I realized that I was on the verge of spamming her profile. I don't mind too much (and I doubt she would) but the effort of trying to actually get this posted... :confused:. You no longer need anti-spam on the profiles (speaking of spam: please buy your goods at SMP8 PWU, totally free of charge too! :D).

    But yeah, apologies up front because I know you don't like long stuff. I just wanted to properly thank you as being head of the staff for bestowing the honor onto me for getting the Member of the Month. I know it's a group decision (so I assume) but just blame me for being lazy :)

    But seriously: it meant more to me than just the title and the voucher. Sure; maybe some players are right: the same names will eventually pass the highlight yet again. But why not? The players can enjoy and there's something new going on on the forums. Win-win. AND... and this is really important to me personally: no "risk" (don't get me wrong: I take HUGE pride in winning the community award twice in a row, hence me bringing it up lots of times)... so: no "risk" of winning this twice in a row. Which is only and really fair.

    One thing remains, and I think it's time to address (in private). I'm sure we'll come to a decision which we can all can agree on.

    One last thing... We had discussions, we had some heated comments in private and we also briefly shared some goofing one or two times. I take these things seriously, maybe too much but.. yah, I no care because that's the player I am. So I also want to take the opportunity to thank you for all the effort you've been putting into the Empire as a whole for the whole course I've been a player. See: I'm the kind of player who (tries to) keep an eye out for those details which most people don't spot, because most will take it for granted. I notice sporadic staff comments about you, I notice how you at one time intervened with protecting a friend of mine from going derelict "because", I notice your drive when I see you in-game and I also notice your passion.

    And no: that doesn't mean I always agree. Sometimes I don't and sometimes I even dare to speak up against some things. Not always welcomed but once again: that is who I am. When I think the need is there I speak up or try to 'do' something. But me agreeing or not, as I've told several other players over time: you still get results. The most important one being that dozens of players consider the Empire their de-facto Minecraft home to always get back to and one can only respect and admire that. Sure.. this is a community effort in the end, but even so.. you also have a big part in it.

    Most of all, I cannot help but wonder if I'm not spotting an ongoing attempt at trying to keep a fine balance between players and staff (don't ask $random_player). I don't even care if I'm wrong, because one way or the other I truly believe it makes the server a better one.

    But yeah... Thanks again for the MotM! I really appreciate it. Just too bad we can't nominate (*g*) :)
  2. Thank you for the kind words Shell. You are correct that this was a group decision, between the Empire Events Organizers. We may not always agree, as you've stated is definitely the truth, but we aren't supposed to. If we did, you might just be my alt. ;) We don't see eye-to-eye on everything, but I'd be lying if I said that your comments have never forced me to open my eyes just a little more. Contradictions aside, you deserved this reward and I'm glad that you received it.