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  1. I think there should be a friends list plugin created, and added, to the empire! ideas and commands below.

    /friend add (name) (Adds selected player to friends list
    /decline (declines recently sent friend request)
    /accept (accepts request recently sent by player, and adds them to your group of friends)
    /set bio (sets a bio for all friends to see) such as... Need help building house. msg me for details.
    /friends show (shows the friends status, online or offline, what server they are connected to, or last seen on, and also shows a the players bio.
    /friends remove (removes selected friend)
    /friend status online/offline you can make your current status shown as offline or leave it as online in-case you do not want to be bothered
    Just like staff have a * next to their name ... what if their friends have a heart?

    None: TheOneBob12
    Friend: TheOneBob12


    None: TheStaffBob11 *
    Friend: TheStaffBob11 *
    Thanks to- Eklektoi for the Heart idea!
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  2. I think Aikar said he had plans for a Friends List
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  3. Suggestions do not hurt though :) As long as people don't take it personally if their suggestion is not implemented.
  4. I wont lol. But who knows he might like the idea
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  5. Just like staff have a * next to their name ... what if their friends have a heart?

    None: TheOneBob12
    Friend: TheOneBob12


    None: TheStaffBob11 *
    Friend: TheStaffBob11 *

    It might help distinguish people online in [tab] list, by finding people you already know (your friends)
  6. I like it ill edit my post and add that with credits to you.. Thanks
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  7. What is the heart sign available in Minecraft? How do you make it?
  8. 1: Yes it is available in minecraft as minecraft supports some Unicode symbols
    2: Copy paste it from the post or type in google "Unicode heart" and copy paste it from there
    Also I prefer ❤ as it shows as a bigger and better heart in minecraft than
    And! I like the idea!
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  9. I really do like this idea, though perhaps (we might getting a little crazy with commands here) you could have commands like /friend view true/false to turn them on and off.

    The only problem I can see with the hearts suggestion is whether or not it can actually be coded. Is it possible for two different players to look at the same player and see different names?
  10. just look at the name beside the heart :p
  11. I dont think this is possible becuase like you said it is a different name for another person which would make minecraft very upset. Although Aikar and the maincoder are WIZARDS so they might be able to come up with something crazy.
    I like the suggestion though.
  12. It's possible ... but idk if it's strenuous on resources or anything... or if the use of packets are needed.... you would need to declare prefixes, name, and suffixes

    example variables: (This is just java - I can't remember bukkit's version)

    String pSet = "♥";
    (too lazy to type pName - as you set supporter color and get playername)
    String sSet = "*";

    you would essentially set tab list display name to one of four things:

    When a player joins if they're just a regular player to you: set their display name to [pName]
    If they're your friend: set it to [pSet] + [pName]
    If they're just staff: set it to [pName] + [sSet]
    And if they're staff and your friend: set it to [pSet] + [pName] + [sSet]


    Maybe someone can go more in depth on this (if they want) xD

    Edit: I think I partially remember now... If I remember correctly - it's something similar to this?

    Not sure if this is accurate though
    if (empire.getUser(p).inGroup("F")){
        p.setPlayerListName(Friend + p.getDisplayName());
    else if(empire.getUser(p).inGroup("S")){
        p.setPlayerListName(p.getDisplayName() + Staff);
    else if(empire.getUser(p).inGroup("FS")){
        p.setPlayerListName(Friend + p.getDisplayName() + Staff);
    else {
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