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  1. Hai gais.

    I need a little bit of advice.

    So, i've known my friends since about March 2012, when I was in Year 7. In around January 2013, we 'welcomed' someone back into our group. He would constantly wind me up, so eventually I ended up slamming his head into a table... and he stopped. He hasn't bothered me until now.

    About 2 weeks ago the person we welcomed back into our group decided it'd be funny to tell me to go away, and then one of my friends decided to say "You're becoming like *person's name*, now. You're the new tag along. Go away.". But I didn't. I assumed it was a joke. The next day in tutor everything went OK with this person that told me to go away and called me a tag along, I get to break and then suddenly everyone turns on me. Today... well it was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I did go away, like I have most days.
    But this time, I got sick and tired of them acting like this towards me and then in tutor everything's fine with one person.

    I tried to go back to my friends, but they just pushed me away, told me to go over there where the people I don't like are. I tried to explain I hate them, but they weren't listening. So I sat on this table, my head cradled in my arms, ignoring the shouts of these immature kids I was forced to
    sit with, and just sat there for the rest of break. I devised a plan while I was sat there for atleast 15 minutes... but this will probably get them to hate me even more.

    I want to just, go up to this kid, grab him by the collar, and throw him on the floor and punch his face until a teacher manages to drag me away. This person has done nothing but rid me of my friends, annoy me for a whole year and he even tried to kill me once. I'm not going to move school - I don't know how to make friends anymore. I can't talk to people i'm not friends with. I'm not confident. Even if I knew someone REALLY well online, I would still take weeks, months, maybe even years to even be able to walk with them with having a stiff body. This is why I suck at parties.

    Also, i'm stubborn. I WILL get my friends back, but I don't know how. Which is why i'm here. I want advice.
    I'll take anything I can get. The reason why I want to resort to violence is because i'm angry, and I still have anger built up inside me for people i've been angry at for almost 10 years now. I'm about 5'8 - 5'9, and this person is about 4'8. I could take them on quite easily - they'd be no challenge. But I don't want to resort to violence. People will think i'm a psycho (which I have no doubt I am, but that's our little secret ;)) and see it as an unprovoked attack... i'd rather have a speech or something to give.

    Feed me yo advices ;)

    *Also, an extra note is that they've always laughed at my jokes. But then my personality changed a bit, and suddenly they no longer laughed at my jokes...*
  2. I feel you. I am 6'1, 13 and I am twice as strong as all my friends but I have once resulted to violence when someone pushed me too far (ironically it was about me being a wimp and would never get in a fights) so I just went nuts on the guy and he got the suspension. To this day he is scared of me but i did loose a good friend. I think the best solution is no solution. I know you want them back but if you really want them back pretend you do not care and let itself work out. That is what happened with me back in year 6 but what advice I can give you is violence is not the answer.
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  3. I would ask them how you are acting like that one guy that you kicked out.
    I had a similar experience but I forced myself in the group and they eventually accepted me. Although I always was and will be the person they make fun of, which I use to my advantage from time to time.
  4. Ive never had any problems with my friends except when I moved schools and lost a lot of friends that go to my old school. I suggest finding a few REALLY close or good friends that you share a lot in common with and that won't do stuff like this to you, because if people make fun of you they probably aren't your real friends.
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  5. My advice would be to do what I did. I went to the highschool in my city that most of my friends didn't go to, and I really only had two friends from another middle school there. The first day of school, I go sit with my friend and his friends and boom, I have friends. Just go find a group of people who seem nice, and ask to sit. It might work, it might not, but its worth a try.
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  6. ^^ Just put yourself out there and try to engage others in a friendly manor, it'll worth most of the time.