Friend got banned with my stuff on him

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  1. I don't think it's a good idea to reveal his name but he was working with me for about a week before he got banned. He had some valuables of mine (about 2 stacks of diamonds and enchanted books) and I just wanna know if I'm out of luck or I get these things back?
  2. Outta luck there.
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  3. I'm afraid everything of yours he had is lost forever. That's what you get for lending, never know what will happen.
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  4. Never lend your stuff to people online unless you know you can trust them not to do something dumb like get banned. I really only loan stuff to my siblings and even then......:p
  5. I've only ever lent anything to my brother. That's it. And I did it once.

    You're outta luck.
  6. If he gets unbanned, they'll still be in his Inventory. I have to wonder why you let him run around with that amount of your valuables on him.
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  7. That is a good question.......
  8. Casdfgsdfsdf.PNG
    You have just been Pony'd.
  9. I love the fact we have managed to all post right after one another in the past two threads XD
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  10. What jkjkjk182 said :D
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  11. Psst, they are stalking eachother and you
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  12. Nope, player inventories are wiped if a player successfully appeals
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  13. I didn't really LET him take em' :/
  14. So he stole them?
  15. Well if he stole them, you are still out of luck, but I'm sorry about that in that case. They don't track individual items, so they can't verify whats missing.
  16. And even if they could, they still wouldn't give them back
  17. Ethier way you need to do some serious mining and grinding to get your items back.
  18. I bow down to your superior knowledge of bannination.
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