Friday Night Miners on SMP2

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  1. When: NOW (time of writing). It is over :)
    Why: It took too long for Miner Mania.
    Who: Xbuff, Aya and me started it I guess.

    WHERE?!! => /smp2 => /waste e. Head north, follow the signs, cobble & torches untill you see the village.

    We're having fun! Come join us!
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  2. even The_Boulder joined and helped us and made awesome center area!

    shelly will post more pics & brief summing up 2morrow (ill tell him: no huge stories :D) ^.^
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  3. FNM the event report ;)

    I suppose I should have reserved a post to prevent unnecessary bumping but it's a bit too late for that now. I'll try to remember next time we organize such an ad-hoc event (I'm still quite the event newbie ;)).

    Pictures courtesy of both AyanamiKun & myself.

    Now, I promised I wouldn't write an essay but I'd still like to share: what an awesome event this was! I honestly never expected it to attract so many players who all ended up having a really good time just mining, building, chatting and goofing around in the wastelands. I'm also very happy to learn that some of you got some good stuff from this (this is why I picked that area, it's my favourite spot to mine right now and I knew there would be good stuff left)!

    How it began...
    [01:47:42] [CHAT] T xXBuffa1oXx: hey, on the chance that there isnt an MM, why dont we make one
    [01:47:51] [CHAT] T MinaTKD: yas or a big dig
    [01:47:52] [CHAT] T ShelLuser: sounds like a plan
    [01:47:55] [CHAT] T DaJaKoe: That's a good idea
    [01:47:59] [CHAT] T Siliris: MM?
    [01:48:00] [CHAT] T xX_DeadLee_Xx: whats an MM
    [01:48:04] [CHAT] T ShelLuser: they postponed the last one so why not
    [01:48:04] [CHAT] T xXBuffa1oXx: manic miners
    [01:48:07] [CHAT] T DaJaKoe: "Miner Mania"
    [01:48:08] [CHAT] T ShelLuser: no
    [01:48:10] [CHAT] T xXBuffa1oXx: fnm. i refuse to acclimate.
    [01:48:12] [CHAT] T ShelLuser: Friday Night Miners :P
    [01:48:14] [CHAT] T ShelLuser: FNM
    [01:48:15] [CHAT] T xX_DeadLee_Xx: whats that lol
    [01:48:18] [CHAT] T DaJaKoe: Yeah
    [01:48:18] [CHAT] T xX_DeadLee_Xx: me noob
    We did a quick survey, wondered between a big dig or mining and eventually we decided to do both but... call it Friday Night Mining, the good old times would relive!

    The first players arrived at the village

    Where did everybody go?! :D

    As you can see the spirit and mood was really positive in the overall. It didn't take long before we had build a centre area in which we placed several tools which people might need. A bed, an anvil, a public community chest to take what you need or share with the rest and such...

    Notice something in the pictures up there? I'm really becoming a bigger fan of EMC if that is actually still possible: because we were all mining while being in a group together we also quickly got the Haste buff (see icon in the upper right corner) which helped us with said mining. No beacon required!

    And then everyone's favourite mini boss decided to drop in:

    We were really looking forward to this :D

    Marlix vs. the FNM club, who'll win?

    All in all it was a pretty good fight and soon things went back to normal (see picture in the OP: we defeated it). Take that Marlix :)

    We did have one causality during FNM and honestly: this is why I'm still so excited about this fully run player event: we were there for each other where it counted!

    Don't worry Mina, we got your back!

    After we learned about this several players chipped in some stuff to get Mina back up to speed. THAT my friends is what FNM is all about for me. This was totally awesome IMO. It sure left me impressed.

    Good memories of the old EMC are also still very much alive :)

    People who wanted some privacy with crafting could use the special room.

    Players having a good time

    Also notice how we suddenly got 2 buffs. Haste and resistance. Really; having fun in the wastelands really pays off while you're out in a group. Because eventually you'll get a few extra perks to help you make things a little easier.

    And in the mean time more and more people decided to join in:

    The master of boats himself: LBoss! :)

    LBoss to the rescue! Overpowered and all :)

    And then something amazing happened. Guess who came crashing in from mysterious minty lands of the Empire like a boulder? That's right! None other than The Boulder himself:

    Good thing LB & Aya build that boat house :D

    It didn't take long before Boulder also got into the spirit of the Mining event and he even helped us out by making our center area much nicer to look at. You go Boulder!

    Funny & true story: some players thought that he was fly hacking :D

    And after Boulder did a server-wide announcement that a FNM event was ongoing on SMP2 it didn't take long before even more players arrived. This event was only just getting started it seems :)

    Some players got too much stuff ;)

    The new & improved center area.

    All in all we had a really good time and it was an amazing event!

    I believe Aya also had some pictures to share of the player buildings, I'll leave that one up to her when she gets online later today :)
  4. Man, I know that I never made it out there, and I now see that I missed a lot. I'm glad SMP2 can pull together to host an impromptu event like that.
  5. As soon as we figure out my fnm event schedule... We will try to do events :)
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  6. Forgot to edit in, good work Shell! I have to incorporate you into my event planner! :p
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