Frequent Server Time-Out Errors

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  1. Hello,
    I'm not sure whether this is the same for everyone, but I am frequently being disconnected from the servers. Everything will be normal, then, all of a sudden, I can't open chests or do anything unless I relog or wait to be timed out. I haven't experienced this on any other servers, so I assume this problem is on this server alone. Of course, I acknowledge the servers can be under heavy loads at times, but I still get disconnected when there are around 2-3 others on regardless. This issue makes idling for XP frustrating; as I will leave my PC for an hour only to come back to this error message. When I relog, the mobs have despawned.

    This may be a Minecraft bug; I don't know. But it's really getting annoying now. It may be my internet, but then again, it still happens when nobody is on it.

    Any ideas?

  2. I hate that.
    That happens when my internet gets laggy, but disconect and then reconnect.
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  3. It happends to me too D: Every 10 mins or something like that...
  4. It happens sometimes when your firewall blocks the IP. Have you checked your firewall?
  5. Also
    It isn't aloud to idle at Xp grinders as far as I know. It's kinda like doing this:

    911: Hello what is your emergency?
    guy: Um yes my Weed farm is on fire
    911: Your what farm?
    guy: MY WEED FARM
    911: It is ilegal to grow weed sir
    *Guy hangs up*
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  6. Ummm yes it is... It always has been aloud...
  7. Okay well I said I wasn't excactly sure.
  8. We've been more lax on it recently and will go over some new rules for it now that we have the mob limiter...but we actually DID NOT allow you to be AFK at a grinder for a while. Some players were letting THOUSANDS of mobs build up which would obviously make the server experience bad for everyone.
  9. That was when the server is at 60/60 and need all the possible resources it could pull out - Were down to 3/60 on SMP3 so I don't think it's such a concern :)
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  10. The same thing sometimes happens to me; I just quit the game and restart it. If it doesn't works, try reinstalling Minecraft or reinitializing your computer. It might work.
  11. I never idle for long. I won't go over 100 mobs at a time.
  12. My internet icon (the one with the 4 bars) gets an error message. I have to restart my computer.
  13. Mine does that too. I just go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Troublshoot Problems > Network Adaptor > Wireless (or wired) Connection. Damn annoying at times.