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  1. Hey guys, I know a lot of you have Corporations, such as Faithcaster, and Alexchance. So I'm giving people the opportunity to get an Office in Freedom Tower (Just for fun) you can use it and everything as you please. (Storage, Meetings, Ect) I will have a total of 152 office positions available. These aren't big offices. They are mostly just to add to the Freedom Tower look. 2013-05-26_18.09.06.png

    Small office like the picture: 100r
    Very top floor: To highest donator!


    Name of Corporation:
  2. You might want to offer the very top floor to the highest donor, in economic terms having it at the fixed price will create a lot of demand and you'll need to give it to someone via non-price rationing. :)
  3. Are they already built?
  4. True, thank you
    Not quite. Thats why I'm getting the applications now.
  5. What exactly do you mean by "corporation..?"
  6. technologygeek
    as large as you can
    Meeting Room
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  7. doesnt necessarily have to be a corporation, like and Inc. Like Faithcaster has something called "Faith Inc."
  8. Name: Choongjae
    Name of Corporation: PPCE Inc. (^.^)
    Office Size: Medium Office
    What type of office? : ???
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  9. Name: Mrlegitislegit
    Corporation: Wild Reach Wild Camps (Not really a corporation, but it would be nice to have a place for meetings among some of the people who help run the camps.)
    Office Size: Medium
    Type: Meeting
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  10. Name: techguy2727
    Name of Corporation: OASIS Team
    Office Size: One large a few medium and small
    What type of office? Two Floors

  11. Name: PenguinDJ
    Name of Corporation: Pinnacle Co.
    Office Size: One floor
    What type of office? Meeting Room
  12. Name: DaJaKoe
    Name of Corporation: DaJaKian Resources
    Office Size: A floor!
    What type of office: Storage, but I could go with a few meeting rooms.
  13. Name: SebaB2001
    Name Of Corporation: Potato Co.
    Office size: Why not, One floor
    What type: Ummm.... A little of everything :p
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  14. NOW APPLYING: Design your own office! You still get the office size you want. BUT only one person gets build at one time. Once i run out of room, no office applications will be accepted. I will PM you when it's your turn for build :)
  15. So I get to design my office with my current application or do I have to fill out another one?
  16. Name: <----
    Name of Corporation: Desserts Inc.
    Office Size: Whole floor (Ill pay you when I go on smp1 and I see you)
    What type of office? Lots of cake, and chests full of pie and cookies, and item frames with cake and pie and cookies, and a giant meeting table and break room.
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  17. Name: 333kirby
    Name of Corporation: Kirbanations Inncorporated
    Office Size: Entire Floor
    What type of office? Storage/Meeting Room, More for Meeting Room.
  18. slash14459
    Emerald Incorporated
    Entire floor.
    Office and decoration.

    I also have some questions. Would we have build perms or chest perms? If yes how would you prevent griefing? If no then are you going to decorate the rooms for us or do they have to say the same as you built them?
  19. Nole972
    Nole Inc
    Entire floor
  20. Current is fine