Free Wool - SMP1's (EMC's) Premier Sheep Farm - Now with More BAA

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  1. Bring your shears and come join us at /v +baa on SMP1. The sheep are waiting for their hair cuts.

    Feel free to keep the wool, sell the wool, or buy wool. Chests are located near each pen for selling. Use the sea lantern teleports for access to the buy shop - SHEARS are also available here. Return to the pens via sea lantern teleport.

    Construction continues - please watch all arms and legs.

  2. 'Buy' is temporarily set to false. Looking for some solid shearing to replenish the factory. Shears available free while I'm online - just ask.
  3. I have blocked off the Pen -> Buy Shop Lanterns while the Super Shear event is underway.
    If the two redstone lamps are lit at the pens then that color is near full (allow time for any 'sales' of wool to be processed - some of the lights turn on while filtering).

    I would really appreciate any feedback on the Sheep Farm and such.
  4. I might stop by there sometime :D I have a planned event in the future that will be needing tons of wool!
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  5. Fully open for Buy and Sell. Please stop by and visit.
  6. I used your sheep farm today. :) A+ design and efficiency.
  7. ^ Much appreciated. It is, by far, the best design I've had (and I've had quite a few)... the most recent version was a 'bit' better since the space between the quads was less - however it is minor.

    Feel free to use whenever - always open.