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  1. So I had an idea this morning about how to make vault more appealing to the common player.
    While still allowing supporters to gain free-to-use vault at 5 pages simply adding in a price for this perk would make many members happy. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about the number of pages free-to-play members get. I simply think adding a set price to make vault free to use would be appropriate while still allowing the supporters to get it free at 5 pages would keep it fair to them.

    perhaps a price of 50000r would be a fair fee to hand over as it is 10000r more than it would cost to purchase the 4 extra pages needed to make it free.

    let me know what you think,
  2. Instant of paying 50k, I would pay every time I use it the 10r. I don't use it often, so for me 50k isn't worth it.
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  3. Paying 50k to use something for free that's worth 10r...isn't worth it, sorry.
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  4. That would be your choice players would not be required to pay for free to use vault but would be given the choice as well as I would leave the decision of a reasonable price to the moderators as they would obviously have abetter understanding of the matter than I ever could. The price of 50000r was merely a suggestion.
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  5. 50,000 rupees is equal to using the vault 5000 times. I don't ever see myself using the vault 5000 times.
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  6. Like i said, determining the actual price required I leave to the administrators what i'm more concerned about is whether people would support the idea at all.
  7. 50000r was only a suggestion. Please don't tell me that it's unreasonable because frankly i'm not concerned about the amount. i'm looking to find out if people are willing to support the concept itself.
  8. Maybe if the price was no more than 10,000 rupees this could work.
  9. I dont see anyone doing this honestly lol.

    The free at 5 is an additional perk... But with buying 5 your at least getting something for the cost (lots of extra cross-server space)

    Basically, buying 5 pages enables you to use the vault as a main storage location. There is appeal there for that, not so much with paying 50k just for free access.
  10. I understand that a price of 50k is not really reasonable. It was a simple suggestion that really has no importance.
    My concern is that there is an alternate method of legitimately making it free to use without having to support as I and others currently have very little money to get by with. It is for these people that i'm suggesting adding a rupee price to make it free to use. As I have stated before i believe the administrators (such as yourself) have a better grasp on determining a reasonable price than I ever could. So please just disregard the 50k suggestion. It was merely there to provide a jump point.
  11. There is, We have been giving out free vault page Treasure vouchers.

    If you find/get 3... Free vault!

    They are hidden in the wild, deep... so not easy to find, and we give them out randomly at events.
  12. So the fact that there is an alternate method of obtaining free vault means I think I can rest easy for now.

    By the way, what kind of item are these vouchers (so people know what to look for) and are they hidden in typical generated structures (like mineshafts, etc.) or are they just stuck in a buried chest way out there.
  13. Random chest in random places, sometimes really hidden, sometimes pretty visible... There is absolutely no consistency to it.
    They are Pieces of paper (well initial ones on SMP1 are Maps... so dont right click it or you will lose it! I dont know where I placed them on 1 to go replace though....)

    They have colored name/desc, its very obvious its special as players can not create items like this.
  14. Is it possible to create a locked thread detailing this fact?
    If you do create such a post, please include any details that would be neccessary to find these vouchers without revealing too much.

  15. One more Question.
    are they on all the servers or just smp1?
    Ok two questions.
    if we find one then die do we lose it?
  16. its not something your ideally gonna wanna go looking for... its something your just gonna stumble upon while mining/exploring.

    and yes you can drop it on death just like any other item..

    its on 4 of the smp's atm i believe, but will be doing the rest soon.
  17. I've been on empire longer than a year... I have never used the vault 100 times I don't think.
  18. This is a bad idea, people that are playing for free, get to pay in game money, that some people have paid real money for.
  19. I have used it over 100 times in one day.
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