[FREE THINGS CLICK 4 INFO] Which server do you call your home?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Gap542, Jan 8, 2013.


    I'm wondering which server which players plays?

    Mine is SMP9.. Or used to be...

    After my returning a few days ago I noticed... SMP9 is completely dead for me. As everyone seems to be under 30 days old and all of my friends had left the game as it bored them.

    The only player which I can talk with is Jade and She's busy some times and I just start jumping around in circles in my res being bored of the game. So... I decided To MOVE SERVERS AND DO A GRIEF PARTY!(Not much to be destroyed.. Just free stuff and stuff)

    I need you to vote on the comment saying which server you play! (To know who plays where)

    When will I give all perms to everyone?
    I'll do so once I reach my 500k mark which is 15k away. When enough players had voted on Comments on the thread to know where would be suitable for me. And Taken the things I want to keep (Armour,Diamonds,personal stuff)
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  2. Smp2 is where it's at for town drama, I also play smp7 if you love wild communities , smp1 is always stocked with people no matter the time of day. I'd say you try smp2
  3. SMP8 is my home and always will be.
  4. I used to jump in circles with you.. xD I'm mostly on smp2 now aswell.
  5. Smp2 is great. The chat is always full of life and their is always cool things to see. We also have a couple of really good shops.
  6. 4005 should be opening within this week too:)
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  7. smp8! Woo!
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  8. SMP2 ALL THE WAAAAAY. Smp5 is also good if you want to get ready for mob arena
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  9. smp2, is where I'm at, sir :)
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  10. I started out on smp4, but then I moved to smp1.
  11. nope nope nope disregard anything anyone says unless its about smp8 woop woop
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  12. So far SMP 2 seems to be winning.
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  13. That's coz we are awesome and always active. You should really check it out
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  14. Another one for SMP2 here. I logged in about two weeks ago after a 200 day or so hiatus...haven't been off for a single day since due to how active and friendly people were.
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  15. smp7 represent! We have a great little group of friends, and it's like the 2nd or 3rd most active.
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  16. odd because when I go there to ask questions and such I am rarely helped
  17. Go where?
  18. SMP2 o/
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