Free Sugar Cane Farm On Smp5?

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  1. Well, I was thinking making a Free Sugar Cane Farm on my 2nd res on Smp5. I was reading MrWhosAwesome's thread about giving back to the community which I thought was an AWESOME Idea. So on Smp5 I started to make a HUGE Sky High Sugar Cane Farm. Currently I am saving up my rupees for a Diamond Supporter Voucher and I decided that when I get it I would do other farms on different smp's. If you would like, post below what smp# and what farm you would like to see and I might pick that smp and/or idea. :D
  2. I have a small cane farm on my utopia res (my 3rd I think) It isn't as good or as big as others but it might help? I don't know :) I'll show you around whenever you like. I think it's really good that more people are getting into helping out others now. more people need to realise this isn't a business or a day job it's a fun game to take the stress away (unless.. kryssy.. aikar :p ) and sorry if I spelt anything wrong :eek:

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  3. Couldn't say it any better :)

    Great idea Ash!
  4. Yesssss I've noticed it at are mob arena shop :3 don't forget to visit 11500!!!!!!
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  5. Is your shop close to the MA?
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  6. I like this idea
    I will help any way I can ;)
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  7. Egg its on de world border hehe and its on de res of the farm
  8. Bump Thanks Everyone for your Input :D
  9. I might prefer paying $20 dollars a month, Diamond Vouchers are expensive. Plus donating is worth is it. ( ゚ヮ゚)
  10. Bump I would but my parents won't let me :oops:
  11. Go crazy Ash!
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  12. Cow and chicken farm on smp8? I'd be happy to help.
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  13. Yeah, just a little bit. Well, I guess not... ah, I can't even force myself to see the usefulness in that statement.

    It's kinda rude to make off-topic posts that contribute absolutely nothing to the conversation at hand. There are much better places to post your favorite music. Also,
  14. There was a free cane farm at 9272 for a long time. A lot of players donated. However the owner changed his mind and is now charging for the cane. Would be great to see someone a little more committed build one.
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  15. Bump yeah I know Skarecboi I always make paper for him when I have free time :)