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  1. Hey there, so I decided I wanted a fresh start, so I am giving everything away, including 700k rupees. There are a few ways I could be doing this;
    • Drop party
    • Giveaway
    • Grief party
    I also have a res, 10009 on smp5 which is close to spawn and has a good address so I will be unclaiming that once I clear that res. Along with 2 other Residences' on SMP5 and 1 on Utopia.

    Here's some Information on the Partayys :p
    It will take place at 10009 on SMP5
    6PM EST if I'm available (If you don't know what time zone that is use this)
    I will be giving away 5ok at a time, so be there. Along with random Items. Some Items will be. Don't have too much more good stuff because I already sold a lot of it.
    • Dragon poop
    • Many diamond tools/used
    • Single chest of Silk books
    • And much more
    • Player heads
    Note: I am staying on the empire, just want a fresh start.
  2. wow thanks :) you're awesome :p
  3. Thanks! Ill try to attend the event! :D
  4. Cool, you should do do the perfect trifecta, of a drop party, a giveaway, then a grief party!
    Personally my favorite are grief parties just because I am better at tearing down than I am building.

    Question, is the 8PM EST you mention in 8.5 hours from this post?
  5. Yes, however the time is highly open to moving due to events for me tonight.
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  6. Great,this is at 1.00 AM:(
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  7. Great, 3.00 AM for me :p
  8. Again, It's subject to change, even to 3:00PM EST
  9. Bump, be there or well.. don't get anything. Pretty good Items up for grabs along with 720k rupees!
  10. When is it on?
    Is it moved/
  11. Same time still, if I move it I will let everyone know.
  12. Thank you very much for the opportunity at that awesome stuff and rupees! :)
  13. Please don't move it xD it's finally just about a good time for my country. :D
  14. I would like to make it there :) are you gonna go solitary when you have the fresh start
  15. Was thinking about starting it 1-2 hours earlier, would that work?
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  16. So 6-7 est?
  17. The Party will start at 6 PM EST!
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  18. Starts in 15!
  19. 5 more mins!