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  1. So I need a few people to answer this survey for me, Since it's taking out of your time you could be spending on EMC I thought i'd give some rewards for doing it.
    You can get:
    A Signed Jcplugs book
    A Single Chest of random things

    It's greatly appreciated :)

    If you have any questions feel free to PM me on site and stuff :D

    And this is for my dads toy store he wants to open \o3o/

    Okie go

    And single chests will not be full ;_; There may be some full stuff or not Depends how derp I get ;P
  2. How much time will the survey take to complete?
    also, any link? :)
  3. I submitted one. :D
  4. Where do I get my SC JC >:U
  5. Ahem, jc if you need assistance assorting these scs...
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  6. It was a longest 10 seconds of my life..... I actually shaved and grow another beard in the process of the survey. :p
  7. where do we pick up my stuff and thanks
  8. Well, that was easy :3
    I swear to god, if this was just for a renamed chest of 'random things', I'm going to cry lol

    Also, I thought it was about a toy store? Favorite candy/drink? Wut?
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  9. I'm pretty sure I was first.. I should get an extra special SC xD
  10. Jc told me your answer to the soda question, XD
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  11. Says who...
  12. It will be on my 1st res :D
    He wants to sell candy and sodas too :p
    I dont think you were first ;p
    https://i.imgur.com/jhTv1lQ.png <Proof
  13. nope i think i wont be fair even if you were (possibly) first.
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  15. ?
  16. Completed, good luck to your dad :3
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  17. Ok so I think I should add this in here... He should sell any "gummy" candy (gummy worms, bears, sharks, whatevs), and then sell small containers of pudding... O.O Best shop evar.
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  18. Done, When can ah hav mah book >:U
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