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  1. I found a skeleton spawner in the LLO (smp7, coords below). Just go to my home, into the LLO underground tunnel and head left. please, don't grief the tunnel, just build a grinder or whatever you want in the other side of the wall. Thanks. 2012-10-17_22.10.24.png
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  2. Yo man , It's all good that you want to give cords to spawner but it might bring in some trouble with it prolly should have told us on the thread that you were going to this so we know before hand that non-members are coming to LLO.
  3. Can you post a link to the LOL
  4. It's LLO and If you want to join just for spawners just quit early.
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  5. They're only worth 1-3k..
  6. What does LLO stand for? Lollipop lovers organization?
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  7. Last Light Outpost
  8. Sorry, I though noone would see it there. That thread is HELL.
    Sure m...&ndsp=18&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0,i:68&tx=108&ty=31
  9. You should have told us first.
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  10. The design worths in my eyes 1r
  11. He's not charging 1r, he's providing the spawner for free. How about you actually act like you're grateful?
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  12. The point is not that you should advertise the spawner in that thread, but that you should let LLO members know that you are going to advertize LLO features elsewhere so that we can actively monitor resulting behavior. This post basically reads, "Hey EMC griefers. I found this thing you might want to come grief! Also, can you grief some other stuff while you're here? KTHBYE!" Thankfully we now have a database tracking the SMP7 wild continuously.

    BTW, for non LLO members, we do welcome visitors to the area, and anyone can become a member with very few restrictions. If you would like to have someone show you around, just ask:
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  13. High Five
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  14. I was trying to reply to gap542 but I accidently replied to someone else, so I deleted the quote, he said it worths 1k-3k I think it worths 1r