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  1. I have not done C# in a good deal of time, and I'm trying to get past the rust and back into it.

    Thus, if anyone wants some simple computing form programs, just let me know using the form seen below. Please don't submit anything having to do with images or intricate websites. Please do not suggest ideas that directly require a connection with Minecraft or analyzing a forum such as this one.

    Iffy about whether your idea is too simple/complex? Post it anyway, never hurts for me to try.

    I am doing this free of charge, well obviously..

    If I choose to do your idea and get to a presentable state with it, I will, depending on what you put on your form, message you a dropbox link where you can download it for your own use :)

    Username -
    Description of program -
    All functions program shall be capable of -
    Do you want me to send you a download if I choose to complete your idea? (Yes/No) -
    Anything else? (Optional) - 
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  2. User: RebelSpartan0826
    Discription of Program: Provides a Great Shop Checking System based on a Residence Number you enter upon first login/use
    • Keeps Track of Your Top Customers (Can also remove players like alts, group members, etc)
    • Keeps Track of Your Most Sold Items
    • Keeps Track of % of Income of all Products
    • Keeps Track of what Type of Players Use your Shop (New Players days<50) (Players 50<days<200) (Long Term Player days>200)
    • Keeps Track of Number of Visits Compared to Purchases (Example: 100 visits and 10 purchases on 4/23/2014
    Send Me a Download: Sure! If you finish It I would love to try it.
    Anything Else:
    • Tabs for Functions
    • Search Bars
    • Graphs and maybe a calendar for the last function
    Let Me Know If You Like It!
    The Guy With Idea's and No Idea How to Make Them Work,
  3. I probably should have mentioned this, I need to stay away from direct minecraft connections and website connections. I'll add it to the OP, sorry.
  4. Interesting...

    I'm keeping a post here incase I ever want something done with C# :3 For now I only need my Java and Skript. But i'll hit you up incase I ever need c# stuffz.
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  5. :(
  6. I'm in the process of making a 'series' of programs that I may possible mash into one program. Basically they're simple tasks like pinging MC servers but they're a lot quicker than opening a browser and having to go to the websites and blah, they just stay on your desktop ready to work. Any suggestions for this 'series' are welcomed :)
  7. I think you may like the shopkeeper thing that had already been made.
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  8. Humpty Bumpty
  9. Username - TomvanWijnen

    Description of program - I have lots of music I'd like to listen to in a random order.

    All functions program shall be capable of - Playing all music using VLC in one folder, and if I add new music, it'll automaticly also play that music

    Do you want me to send you a download if I choose to complete your idea (Yes/No) - Sure why not

    Anything else? (Optional) -It needs to be capable of more than 150 songs, and I have no idea if this is possible lol
  10. Hmm, I have never done music before. BUT, I know it is easier than rendering, so I will give this a shot. Thanks :)
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