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  1. Hey everyone!

    Just tonight I got an epic shaders mod and the shaders packs to go with it. Now I was only planning on using these packs to take some pictures to promote my current project, but since I have them anyway, I've decided to do renders for people with less capable computers (or you might have a great computer and no modding experience).

    Basically, if you want me to do a render of your project/residence, just reply to this thread with your:
    - Residence
    - Server
    - A short description or screenshot

    Assuming you actually have a decent structure for me to render, I'll private message you with when I'll arrive to do the render, and you can tell me if there are specific points of your build that you wish for me to take. I'll take a maximum of 10 photos and it should take 30 minutes or less.

    After the renders are complete, I'll private message you the completed product and you'll be free to do what you want with the pictures.

    Thanks, and here are some quick examples:

  2. :eek: amazin'!
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  3. Bump - No one wants a free render? People usually charge money for this kind of stuff...
  4. I would like one please!
    Can It be of the front of 1111 smp1 please With the 1112 mall in it also :)
    I will pay 1k
    Something like this
  5. Are those Sues' shaders? I prefer RudoPlays. I would like a render of the entrance of 18228 on SMP9. Can you get the beacon in the shot, because the only thing I like in Sues's shader pack is the beacon beam:D
  6. Could you do one of 3999? ill build a little platform for you to climb on
  7. 1111 (SMP1)

    18228 (SMP9)

    3999 (SMP2)
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  8. Wow! Thanks
    EDIT: In my sig now;)
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  9. Thanks!
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