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  1. Hey hi! Tomorrow I'll be having an event on mumble, A trivia game! I have 60 questions lined up, Every question is worth 3k, 60x3 = 180, So I have 180k To be given away tomorrow! It'll be around 7PM EST. I will announce a res in mumble at the time of event. You have to PM me in game with the correct answer first to get the money :)

    Change of plans! I'll be having this event all day! Here is the list of questions,

    What is my natural hair color?
    What color are my eyes?

    How many siblings do I have?

    Whats my first name?

    Whats my brothers name?

    Who is my husband?

    What grade am I in?

    What’s my favorite animal

    Whats my dogs name? Both

    What's my favorite Band?

    Favorite color?

    What games do i play?

    Least favorite type of music?

    What was my first accounts name?

    Why was it banned?

    How many accounts do I have?

    What is my favorite saying?

    Whats my home server?

    Who my EMC best friend?

    What is my favorite medium for art?

    How old are my dogs?

    Favorite article of clothing?

    How old is Dan?

    What state do I live in?

    Where do I want to visit most?

    What kind of store does my family own?

    What is my favorite store?

    How many computers/ laptops do I own personally?

    What is the one piece of jewelry I wear?

    Do I prefer shorts or pants?

    What type of car do I want to own?
    Whos voice was I married too?

    What youtube group was I apart of?

    What do I hate doing in minecraft?

    What is my favorite MC Mineral?

    What do I want to be when I grow up?
    Where do I volunteer?

    Who was my first EMC best friend?

    What server did I mostly play on in my J_A_D_E_1_6 Days?

    What server do I mostly play on now?

    Whats my dads name?

    What size shoe do I wear?

    Whats my full name?

    What colors is my room?

    Name my most recent crazy hair color?

    Whats Vexen nickname?

    Whats vexen full name

    What was my biggest source of rupees?

    What my favorite candy?

    Am I religious?

    Do I have my license?

    How many times have I broken my arm?

    How many cars have I crashed?

    What type of dog is vexen?

    Whats my cats name?

    Do I prefer hot or cold coffee?

    What type of phone do I have?

    Who do I talk to most on mumble?

    What type of camera lense do I use most?

    Do I prefer baths or showers?



    Shoot me a PM With the correct answers, I will correct them all and figure out who has the most correct answers, And then I will take the people with the most correct answers and split up all of my money between them all :)

    Good luck and may the Oods be ever in your favor!

    You have until 12 PM EST Sunday night to complete these and PM them to me!
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  2. Imma be there!
  3. Hopefully....
    Why can't it be on Good Friday, when most people are guaranteed to have time?
    Or on Saturday...
  4. This was a random idea, Not quiet planned out :) This saturday or Sunday will be my other events
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  5. Updated OP!
  6. Are we allowed to answer every question we can? ;)
    Edit: Never mind, just read through everything carefully.
  7. Bump :) Only 4 people have answered so far!
  8. Wow. I want to see the answers when it's over :rolleyes:
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  9. Answer it yourself and maybe i'll share em ;)
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  10. Bump for people just getting home from school :)
  11. Bump for Jc :)
  12. Can u PM me the questions? I cant open the spoiler for aome reason.
  13. I'm fairly sure you have two husbands >.>

    Unless you broke up with one...
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  14. Seeing as how Alex stopped talking to me and ignored me for a longtime ;p
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  15. Le bump for staya n stuff
  16. Pretty sure I got all of the questions right
  17. Can we still try our best on this list, JC? Or is it too late ?

  18. It's open until tomorrow night at midnight :3