FREE Public Giant Stone Generator

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  1. SMP5 now has a Public Giant Stone Generator.

    Original design by RandomZH - Thanks Random, great idea! :)
    Also with thanks to allengero, who's Stone Gen originally inspired this.

    This is currently still under construction! (Need to fix the redstone to stop blockages, and make it pretty). But it is essentially working. :) Post here if there is any problems, and I can fix it.

    Q: Where is it?
    A: /v 10023 (And jump over the wall towards the huge stone wall).

    You can also use: (they all will get you there, eventually)
    /v +stone
    /v +wool
    /v +public

    A Haste II Beacon is set up so you can mine faster!
    Ideally, use an Efficiency V Pick. With this you will instant-break the stone, and mine stone at max speed. (a DC of stone/cobble in a couple mins).

    There will eventually be bulk shops set up on Res 10023 beside the Stone wall. Providing Buy/Sell of Cobble and Smoothstone, and to Buy/Repair Picks.

    The Stone Gen will also be set to only turn on when someone is using it, to reduce lag in the area (and make it less likely the machine 'breaks').

    The Residence the Stone Gen is on is 10035. But the 'move' flag has been turned off, so you cannot enter the Residence. This is to stop players damaging the machine.

    You can mine the stone from the road, between Residence 10023 and 10035. The water will push the stone to your feet. And the stone Gen will continuously push out more stone.

    Please post any comments/problems here, or PM me if you prefer.

    Enjoy! :)

  2. Reserved :)
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  3. Wow looks great, good idea for the community.
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  4. Oooooo! Interesting idea, with the water bringing the stone to you. I will have to check this out!
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  5. UPDATE:

    Have placed shops in the opposite res (10023) to buy and sell Cobble and Stone in bulk.

    If you want to earn some money, come mine the Stone Gen, and sell it to the shop. Just need to bring your own Picks.

    Coming soon:
    - I will set up shops selling normal and enchanted Picks asap.
    - As well as selling diamonds & sticks to make your own, or repair the ones you use.
    - I'll also have free to use Anvils, Enchanters and Crafting Area.
    This should all be done within 24hrs.

    If anyone has a repair business, and would like to provided ongoing services, I am happy to refer players to you on the site. Ideally be reliable and prompt :) (We can discuss an exchange/repair system with me as the intermediary). PM me.
  6. nice setup
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  7. should check out 18800 might give you some more ideas
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  8. Yes, I have been meaning to do that :) I'll come check it out.