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  1. Ever wanted to brew potions, but didn't know how? Don't want to make a brewing stand?
    Come on down to the public brewery on smp5!

    The brewery is located at /v 10019

    Don't know how to brew? Well those days are over! Look at the step by step diagrams to see how to brew them potions :)

    No more making brewing stands! With the brewery having 9 brewing stations your basically brewing at no cost at all. Each station you can brew 39 potions at a time ^-^
    To keep others from taking your potions while brewing I've added iron doors to every station so you may close the doors when your using the station, but please before you leave open the door back up ;)

    Coming soon:
    *Free Brewing Ingredients!
    *Possibly more brewing stations

    Thanks to the donators! Couldn't have done it without you!
    ShelLuser- Donated the fancy beacon that is up at the brewery
    MattieTheSpud- Funded The project with 20k
    Skeletin007- Helped build the diagram
    Karyuubi- Helped Build the stations
    MillyMie318- Helped build the stations

    Still want to donate?
    Well you can! :D
    I'm looking for brewing Ingredients for the skin to come free brewing Ingredients.

    Can't donate ingredients? Help me get funds to buy them :)

    Hope to see you using the public brewery soon! :)

    Free public utilitys such as brewing stands, anvils, enchnt tbls, furnaces are also at /v 6049 ;)
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  3. Awesome Chespin! Good place to stock up on potions for pvp and mobarena. ;)
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  4. maybe u should use pressure plates 2 close iron doors. now ppl could flip lever and tp away?

    but ur res is cool, very nice 2 have a safe way 2 brew stuff!
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  5. Wonderful idea I love it!
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  6. Nice idea there are not many public brewing stands on smp5.
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  7. Might do that. Tired of breaking the doors and resetting the switch lol
  8. Le bump, with the 1.9 update why not do some brewing? :D