free lance worker

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  1. hi

    im a free lance worker who will do any job on any server.

    jobs include:
    redstone mechanisms

    if you've got a job that needs doing or a shop needing restocked im here to help
  2. I Need 6 Stacks Of 64 Sand.

    Problem I Live In The Wild
  3. what are the coordinates
    and which server
  4. Check the PM i sent you ;)
  5. Nah danny nvm anymore i got some, but i could need some redstone work what things can you make??
  6. All I need is basic supplies e.g wood cobble iron (Sell to my shop at 4373) Thanks :)
  7. anything upto a computer
    ultrafast generators
    whatever u need
  8. which server are u on
  9. He's on smp2
  10. thanks
  11. Dude, make a shop, makes 10X money than begging for work, trust me.
    Just go diggy a hole and mine some iron for easy selling. Or buy a few saplings to chop
    wood on your Res
  12. thanks fr the tip but i already ran a suuccesvile shop on smp4. one thing i reliased was the manpower to keep stocks high was demanding therefore there would be a number of people will to pay for suppplies. this work is also for helping to set up a new store that will run more efficently due to better knowledge of suppling aswell as more money to invest in the shop. also how is it begging when im just leting people know that im here to help i never go in game to constantly spam chat boxes with advertisments or beg this is a one of page where people can make request for help.
  13. If you live on SMP4 i will be even happeyer to try and think of jobs!


    SMP4 All The Way!
  14. im afraid ive moved to smp5 due to the server upgrade but i am familiar with smp4 and would be just as happy to work there if needed. as i said in the original post i will work on any server u wish (par utopia)
  15. i dunno for jobs, do you know any??
  16. what do u mean are u looking for a job or trying to decide on a job to give me
  17. yeah shops work way better ive made thousands of rupees doing it!
  18. i am aware that shops are good but this is to take a break from routine shop work and raise funds for a better shop. i would say that going into the wilderness and gathering xp to make a enchanted sword that someones ordered is more fun than staying in the same 60x60 area chopping down tree farms
  19. I agree with you about gathering XP being more fun. However, I have done 3 renovations on my shop, all of which I initially lost money on, but then regained it quickly. If you want to build a bigger, better shop, you are going to have to make an initial investment and that is that.