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  1. I will do small-to-medium sized, one-time (as in unique and non-continuous) tasks for you at no cost. If you have a very large project, I can do part of it, but not the whole job (or otherwise negotiated). Request in-game and give me specific task(s). Provide any details for the task and materials, if applicable. I will attempt to the best of my ability to fulfill any requests, but there is NO guarantee. I reserve the right to decline requests for any reason.

    A list of possible tasks includes, but is not limited to:

    Bulk Crafting
    Bulk Smelting (Fuel Provided)
    Bulk Brewing (Fuel Provided)
    Bulk Villager Trading

    Sorting Chests
    Moving Chests

    Building Out A Schematic
    Digging or Mining An Area
    Deconstructing Structures
    Cloning Structures
    Moving Structures
    Filling In Blocks

    Similar service: Yixomua's Redstone Design Service
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  2. Talk to me ingame
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  3. Added video editing and graphics to the list. Again, keep in mind I will only do small-to-medium sized projects.
  4. I need a signature from you. ;) Would you mind sending me a book? :D
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  5. Ya
  6. Awwww... Darn, you would mind. That's okay! ;) Have a lovely day!
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  7. Reviews are appreciated :p
  8. I really loved this service! It was completed within 2 hours of the request! I recommend you to this service if you need something dug (yix loves that) or anything simple that you don’t want to do. 10/10
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  10. But is yours free? :p
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  11. I do large projects. You do have a point.
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  12. Actually, I just dug out 47 layers on The_Mancub's res for free. :p
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  13. uh, what? How long did it take?
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  14. A DC of Emergency Snow Removers.
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  15. "Only" about 8 hours .-.

    And that
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  16. I've been working on a job that was 12 levels and it took me a month :p
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  17. Procrastination.
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  18. That's probably not the info you want to give potential customers...

    Also, apart from ESCD's (what a waste) or eff V shovels, I assume you are using haste II beacons. If not, why not????
  19. Soooo once you get 1 done for a person can they ask again after a certain amount of time?
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  20. You can ask as much as they want as long as it's a unique task. There is no waiting period after you ask once. You can ask for two different digging operations, but not stuff like asking for a one-time mall restock when you already asked for one (even though I would probably still do it). I mean, as long as you're not thinking about bombarding me with random requests you should be doing yourself. :p