Free Games! Again!

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  1. Please PM me if you want a game. 1 game each. Please notify me with any problems!
    Rupee/Item donations (7047) are gratefully accepted! :)

    Had to omit a few images for the 20 image limit, sorry!
    A Virus Named TOM
    Misfits Attic
    246.3 MB

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    Frictional Games
    1.1 GB

    Analgesic Productions L.L.C.
    75.7 MB

    Anomaly Korea
    11 bit studios
    534.4 MB

    Supergiant Games
    754.6 MB

    Amanita Design
    537.6 MB

    Broken Sword: Director's Cut
    Revolution Software
    1.1 GB

    BrĂ¼tal Legend
    Double Fine Productions
    8.1 GB

    Eets Munchies
    Klei Entertainment
    167.5 MB

    Polytron Corporation
    363.1 MB

    FTL: Faster than Light
    Subset Games
    150.9 MB

    Greed Corp
    Vanguard Games
    108.9 MB

    Northway Games
    29.9 MB

    77.8 MB

    Mark of the Ninja
    Klei Entertainment
    2.1 GB

    32 MB

    Neighbours From Hell Compilation
    Nordic Games
    454.5 MB

    Organ Trail: Director's Cut
    The Men Who Wear Many Hats
    48 MB

    Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken
    Ratloop Asia
    485 MB

    The Bard's Tale
    inXile entertainment
    3.4 GB

    Thomas Was Alone
    Mike Bithell
    108.4 MB

    Ticket to Ride
    Days of Wonder
    199.1 MB

    Trine 2: Complete Story
    2.9 GB

    Worms Reloaded
    Team 17
    478.2 MB
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  2. are these steam games becuase if so, i might want worms
  3. no, just downloadable
  4. Can I pick a game again? :eek:
  5. Sure!
  6. Never heard of any of these games, but can I have limbo? :p
  7. Did you read the first line on the top of the page in red letters?
  8. Thanks. :)
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  9. Should've seen my last thread. At LEAST 10 people "CAN I HAZ GAMEZ PLZZ I WANTZZZ THEM CUZ I DIDNT REED NSTRUCSIONS"
  10. Haha so true. Oh and can I get incredipede, ticket to ride and I will make sure to not donate to you.
  11. Just pointing out - to donate is to give of free will, not "donate 5,000r to get x" because that's not donating.