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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Hello all members of EMC! Tired of your old skin or wanting it edited but don't have the time to do so? Well here is your chance to get your very own Foxy's Skin Service!

    Now, I have been selective now I am accepting all orders for free! Please message me on forums and I will get to your order! Remember my skins take time for me to do. This service isn't in my gain, it's for you!

    Now I am going to limit the amount of orders I do I will list them here

    If I have more than 10 orders to do I will not accept it. If you want me to create 2 skins, that will count for two orders and so forth.
  2. Hello, I have an old skin of mine I need revamped, with more detail and depth.
    Sending template through PM
  3. Please message me so I can get your skin you want me to edit.

  4. This is a edit of Nccoryg
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  5. Could you like make custom skins? Like i want a skin of myself but I can't make my own cuz I suck haha.. I could like send you a couple pics for reference if thats ok?
  6. I can try please message me for those pictures :)
  7. could you snazzy up my skin?
  8. I will please message me first. I'll be posting finished products here.
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  9. eh?
  10. This is a edited skin of Gawadrolt hope you like :)

    This is a edited skin of WyntyrReavyn hope you enjoy :)
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  11. I like it! well... except for the part I wanted added lmao. Google e boba fett jetpack, this is a bit off ;-) Maybe you could have the jetpack going up back of the head? You will understand once you see the jetpack. 3 downloads already though :D and for your first day over 30 downloads, pretty impressive, but so are the skins so no surprise.

    One other thing, I thought the jetpack was going to like stick out kinda? will it do that and it just doesn't show on the skin viewer for that website? Maybe I had the wrong impression? Either way, still happy with it.
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  12. This is minecraft can't do much if I do edit them to be EXACTLY like a movie prop it would stick out and won't look good.


    I did research on your character to make sure of everything was correct here are the edits...

    1.Chest now looks like a chest plate like on character
    2.More shaders on skin to make it a little more used
    3. (As you asked) A purple jet pack was added so you can think you're flying around.
    That jetpack isn't on your armor which it can be. If you want a 3d look to it. I'll just have to edit your back which will take me another hour.

    But on the other note. I am happy you like it :)
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  13. I liked that one and concdired to upload, but then I changed my mind. MAKE SOME CHIBI/KAWAII SKINS WITH DEM SKILLLLLZZSS.
  14. I am more than happy for you to send me pictures and ideas though :p
  15. I will sir clan23.
  16. Call me Foxy the Pirate I am no sir :p
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  17. kk FoxyThePrivatePirate, also known as... SIR.
  18. I need the skin I have now revamped. The green shyguy if it is possible.
  19. Please message me if you want your skin to be edited.
  20. Loved it thanks! but I sent you some edit ideas for my jeans :) I'll pay for each edit thanks! :D
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