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  1. I'm giving away a used Fortune II pickaxe.

    Reason behind this is because I've had this pick since when i joined.
    And because i don't use it, so i chose to give it away to 1lucky winner.

    Here is what you need to do:

    Pick a number from below.

    Be sure to see if the number has been choosen before you pick it.
    Only 1number per player.
    Only 1player per number

    I will end this when all 20 numbers has been chosen.
    I will use to pick a random number, SO THIS WILL BE LEGIT!
    I will take a ScreenShot of the site, so everybody can see who won.

    1. Mogrimoogle
    2. Beaverbeliever
    3. Frodomann1
    4. chinajet08
    5. DangerousPopcorn
    6. Aubringer
    7. ClickZzHD
    8. Michael_Nolan
    9. Pat2011
    10. Terr
    11. Vividoptimism
    12. LZBZ_DW
    13. Smile3
    14. Yankees518
    15. Nole972
    16. Marknaaijer
    17. Scratchminus
    18. Gabrielrocks69
    19. 621op
    20. AlexHallon
  2. 12
    Thank you for the free raffle :D
  3. 17

    Awesome, hope I win! Cool idea, dude. :D
  4. 4

    Nice idea! :)
  5. Thanks, and there will be ALOT more giveaways from me. I want to see how fast all 20 numbers will be taken, if it dosnt take long time I will put away more expensive stuff for give aways.
  6. All the better for us! ;)
  7. Yup, I wish all good luck. And this is all random, so nobody has bigger chances than others.
  8. Cool idea! Number 1 please. :)
  9. 7 has already been chosen
  10. 16 for me please, need to win this! :eek:
  11. 14. 'Nuff said.
  12. Looks like you only have a few more numbers, but some people are repeating them.
  13. I didn't... 14 was LEGIT.
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  14. I wasn't talking about you.