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  1. Hey guisee, this is going to be pretty simple ask for a follow an you'll be followed!!!! Follow backs are not mandatory but would simply be nice! :) lets get our following on, and YES this is my attempt to get more followers.. JUDGE ME!
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  2. Hmm... I'll give it a shot. Mutual Follow?
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  3. I don't think it is allowed, as this is giving a gain that was not earned to people.
  4. Sounds good!
  5. Now that I am following you I expect you to continue to do witty posts like this. The pressure is on, sir :cool:
  6. Following people is more of a sentimental thing. Asking for follows is like asking people to like you.
  7. Agreed. This takes away the time and value that people have put in, such as myself, to gain followers legitly.
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  8. I'm not going to get into this "not allowed" talk, & if it happens to be not allowed then its not allowed, until then it will continue :)
  9. Mrlegitislegit gains legit followers legitimately.
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  10. It's not like I'm forcing them to do anything, you guys are just making this a bigger deal than it really is, I'm just trying to put my name out there and meet new people.
  11. The amount of legitness in that statement is legitimate.
  12. Because his name is just simply legit.
  13. 1. Log into Minecraft
    2. Log into an EMC server
    3. Start talking
    4. ????
    5. Profit and friends.
  14. I did not ask for follows, I asked people if they wanted to be followed
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