Free and PUBLIC SNOW FARM In Town! (Ulti inc.)

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  1. PTU has made a Free and PUBLIC snow farm on smp8!!!

    Where? on smp8 do /v +golem or /v 17474 to reach it!

    you'll spawn in the residence in front of the utilities. just walk forward, there a signs to help you

    Why use this, If i can go easily to the wild?
    you can use vault when ever you want also

    forum tags:
    Public Snow farm
    Town Snow farm
    Town Golem
    I need snow
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  2. I have done a major add ons as a shop(now if you want easy money, here is where you want to go!!!) and easier instructions to people that don't know how to use a snow farm
  3. This sounds gr9!
    Gonna use it thanks
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  4. BUMP!

    Edit: I added a staff room, so any staff that want to use it , they can. as they have move flag always on, i made a special design, otherwise, they would put out of place the other ones
  5. *sees title*
    Who on earth would make a public snow farm?
    *checks thread*
    OK, yeah, that makes sense.
  6. How do you protect it from griefers?
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  7. furnaces...(i made a special design) guess you'll have to come and see ;)
  8. ah ok. That makes sense.
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  9. Love it! Hope you like my sign at /v +bulk.
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  10. Im pretty sure that you don't buy/sell snow. but sure, if you want i can sell you dirt in bulks?
    Misunderstood i got it, thanks for the propaganda!
    and BUMP!

    We have over a DC on stock!!!
  11. Just came by! It looks nice! I made some money too :D
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  12. Nice that you liked it! :)
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  13. bump
    added a bulk buy section
  14. We need some snow to cool down the summer's heat
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  15. bump, need snow to cool down the heat!?!? Get some snow here!