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  1. So i bought FRAPS yesterday and loved it. Nice software, frame rates were AWESOME, ect. ect. I record with my laptop and upload it with my desktop, and i use a harddrive to move the files. So i moved the files from the hardrive to the desktop, and i click on it to launch the video, but there IS NO VIDEO! It is now just an audio file with sound, no video! It has the twisty and colorful lines that windows media player uses when playing music. How do i get my video back?
  2. this has to do with how the data was transfered and how fraps saves video files. also your default video player might be different on the two machines and thus are using a different codex id need to know more to make accurate assumption
  3. What would you need to know?
  4. the filetype, your video player on both machines, your os and probly your fraps settings as well. are you sure you didnt just record sound. also the external hd specs might not contain the codex
  5. Filetype: AVI
    Video player: Windows media player (Same on both machines)
    Os: What is that?
    Fraps settings: Recorded sound, mic, and video. Not cursor.
  6. Operating System (i think lol)
  7. operating system on both machines
  8. Definitely sounds like a codec issue, generally a simple codec pack such as shark007 is often the fastest and easiest solution. Also a third party media player, such as VLC player generally works better then microsoft's included player. :)
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  9. if you have vista on one of them its going to mess things up or 8 probly
  10. Would i need to install those to my desktop or laptop?
  11. whichever one you are trying to watch it on
  12. ok, thaaaanks! =D
    (Please keep this thread unlocked incase i have any issues)
  13. Having correct codecs are always recommended for any computer running any sort of multimedia, especially when delving into the realm of recording and editing video/audio. So I recommend installing them on any windows machine you come into contact with. :p

    VLC is my media player of choice, simply because it will play anything I throw at it and has a lot of options when it comes to video settings, but it isn't as essential such as the codecs are. :)
  14. I apologize to bump this, but:

    That shark007 codec pack will not work because it requires another version of windows.
    Do you or anyelse have any other ideas?
  15. As bizarre as it is, I actually recommend ditching Fraps all together and trying Open Broadcaster Software
  16. She did get Fraps the other day, I don't really think she wants to just dump $30 down the drain.
  17. I'm male... :p
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  18. untitled.png
    I'm not duping 40$ down the drain like Canuck said
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  19. Fair enough, but it is a great Open Source program that I have great success with.
    Perhaps you may have tried some of the free alternatives before going to paid.
  20. Which version/s of windows are you currently using?