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Its good for a first try

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  1. So ive been learning a lot of Unity/C#/Blender things recently and I just finished my attempt at a knife swing animation in unity 5 3D. The model was made in make human and I cut the body apart to keep the arms, the knifes from turbosquid. The way the models are placed sucks and most of it does anyways, but its my first try.
    Heres a video of what I made. Im good at unity btw just not modeling :p
    Its playing an idle animation and when you click it does the slash.

    It can be mean or harsh, I just want to know what I can do to improve and what you guys think :)
    EDIT: I just realized that the knife looks like I threw it and then caught it, I guess thats pretty cool I didnt mean that, its just my poor finger skills
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  2. Other than the flying, disembodied hands looking weird it was ok.
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  3. Thanks, I could of made it smoother, but it was faster to just cut the whole shoulder off than edit every vert.
  4. You mean you don't have a random flying arm sitting next to you whenever you swing a knife?
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  5. Im retrying this with a gun
  6. If you replaced the knife with the gun and had the arm down for longer, it'd be a decent reload animation.
  7. like throwing the gun into the air and pulling the chamber back and then catching it with the other hand would be pretty sick, im going to try that tomorrow