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  1. hi i love this game and it has not been remade in forever so y not XD
    How the game works:

    So basically how this game works is that you have to take over the hill. You explain how you get the previous king off the hill (be creative, don't just post "I walked up there and pushed them off")

    I'll start

    I climbed the mountain, I am king of the hill!

    1. Try not to double post
    2. The hill cannot be destroyed.
    3. There a spell in the game that cannot be undone. Nobody can die!
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  2. Eh why not, I went to the top of the hill and smacked you with a marriage fish until you fell to the bottom. I am king.
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  3. I tell runders significant other that he's tossing marriage fish around, and they storm the hill to pull him back down by his ear :p

    I am king of the hill.
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  4. i buy a tank and take over the hill
  5. I poke your tank right before it tries a forb, and it falls.
    My hill.
  6. I make an army of geckos and take over your poking finger. Then i just push you out of the hill
  7. I don't care.
    Tuqueque is still king of the hill.
  8. tuq1 has been banned by nltimv reason: I'm king now =)
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